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Tranquileyes with Instants

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    About Tranquileyes with Instants

    Convenient combination kit for night protection and Thermoeyes Instants. Additional colors available on request.

    Kit includes:
    • Tranquileyes goggle with foam
    • Two pairs Thermoeyes Instant type, with pockets (made with non-toxic, food-grade sodium acetate)
    • Microfiber storage bag
    • Mesh wash bag 
    • Choice of colors
    • Returnable (used or unused). See policy details
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      Description (by Rebecca)

      Updated October 2017. This is an updated version of a similar kit, but with two sets of Thermoeyes Instants instead of one, for the same price. Handier, because Thermoeyes Instants have to be boiled after use to reset them, and this way at least you get two applications before having to deal with the boiling part. 

      Dual purpose kit

      The Tranquileyes with Instants kit is a dual purpose kit (nights and compresses), and the most economical way to try Tranquileyes at the same time as Thermoeyes Instants.

      Night dry eye protection

      For a complete discussion of Tranquileyes for night dry eye protection, please see Tranquileyes

      Moist compresses

      Tranquileyes with Thermoeyes inserts is a lovely, luxurious and comfy way to do either warm or cold moist compresses. With Blepharitis and MGD as leading causes of dry eye symptoms, dry eye patients are often advised by their doctors to do some kind of warm compresses regularly for therapeutic benefits, and many do them solely for comfort. Cold compresses are an under utilized tool but often beneficial for reducing eye pain, soreness, redness and inflammation.

      There are many ways to do warm compresses, from the conventional warm washcloth to rice baggies to gel and bead type packs. Your choice of compress may be affected by any number of factors, including:

      • Your doctor's recommendation, first and foremost
      • Skin sensitivities to particular substances
      • Compress size - for example, people with facial rosacea will want smaller compresses that don't heat skin on the face, only the eyelids
      • Duration - if used therapeutically, compresses need to stay warm enough for long enough to do the job
      • Safety - overheated products may burn your lids and eyes
      • Moist vs. dry - opinions will vary as to how much this matters, and preferences vary as well

      Tranquileyes with Thermoeyes meets most criteria for most users; eye doctors tend to be familiar with it, which is an advantage; it's small, so you don't spread heat to a large area of the face; there is a self-heating version with predetermined heat levels; you can use it wet or dry; and the heat packs stay warm amply long for a typical treatment time. 

      Thermoeyes inserts are available in two different types: Beads, which are heated in warm water (you can microwave them in water, though not on their own), and Instant, which are self-heating like hand warmers but which have to be boiled afterwards to reset them. They each have their advantages. Instants are the safest, though, because they self-heat to a controlled temperature, so you cannot hurt yourself by overheating them, as you can with microwaved compresses.

      Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

      Our new tranquileyes® with Instants provides at least 300 controlled moist-heat treatments, scientifically proven to provide relief from moderate dry eye*.  

      Our patented tranquileyes® eye hydrating therapy is doctor-recommended and scientifically proven to relieve dry eyes. Give yourself a soothing 12 to 15 minute compresses which sustain optimum humidity and temperature (between 102-110°F) that industry studies have shown provide immediate and long-term relief from moderate dry eye.  

      The beautifully sculpted eyecups are made from medical grade thermal plastic and memory foam. Extremely comfortable for sleep, tranquileyes® patented technology is a popular choice for aqueous deficient dry eye as well as patients with Sjögren's syndrome and other systemic dry eye. The mask can also be used to create cold therapies for eyelid puffiness, itchiness, and migraine headaches. 

      Made in USA.

      Usage and care

      How to Use

      (from the manufacturer's literature)

      To prepare moist-heat therapies, simply activate the Instants by clicking the disc inside the gel pack back and forth until it starts generating heat. Place Instants inside moistened fabric pockets and into the back of the goggle. Don’t forget to boil the gel packs after each use for 2-3 minutes to reset them.

      For cold treatments, insert Instants with pockets into the back of the goggle. Place the goggle in a self-sealing plastic bag and leave in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

      You can also sleep with the goggle and moisten the black foam inserts to increase humidity around the eyes.

      Care Instructions

      (from the manufacturer's literature)

      Hand wash black foam inserts and white fabric pockets with mild soap and warm water after each use. Rinse well, squeeze out extra moisture and air dry in enclosed mesh bag. Wash plastic eye covers with foam attached in the same way, as needed. Foam (outer cushion and inner pad) should be replaced periodically.

      Precaution: This product has been designed to be used solely to facilitate eye comfort during rest or sleep and is not to be used for any other purpose. It is not intended to be used as protective eyewear. For your safety, do not drive, operate machinery, or attempt to walk around while using this product.

      Replacement parts

      Everything in this kit can also be purchased separately - see links below.

      Warranty information

      Eye Eco products are covered under a one-year manufacturer warranty. Please see or contact us.

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