Current openings:

None at the time. 


    Covid safety

    Covid safety is very important to us for the sake of all staff and households. We took the opportunity of last spring’s Covid shutdown to move from our overly cramped previous facility to a >3,000 square foot premises (with up to 6 staff). We run air purifiers with HEPA filters, we practice social distancing, and we mask at all times unless (a) working alone in an office or room with the door closed or (b) when carrying bulky items up or down stairs. We all sign in daily indicating no symptoms, exposure or positive test results. 

    Pay and benefits

    We value our team and try our best to make our pay competitive. Benefits at the Dry Eye Shop include PTO, paid holidays, medical plan (50%), product discounts and annual bonus.

    Why work at the Dry Eye Shop?

    • A sense of purpose. We’re on a mission to improve quality of life for people with ocular surface diseases. And we also really enjoy crafting our unique personalized approach to retail business, going the extra mile and confounding expectations in a good way. Every job here is oriented around discovering and meeting people’s needs. We measure success by how well we served, not by how much we sold. We get frequent feedback from clients/customers, which helps keep us really closely tethered to why we’re here and what kind of difference we can make for people.
    • Your voice matters. One of the great things about working in a small business is that it’s easy to change things. See something you think could be improved? We don’t need a committee. We have a team conversation about it and then we just… do it. You have a say in how your job is done and your input on broader company issues and questions is deeply valued.
    • Growth. We want your time at the Dry Eye Shop, whether long or short, to be something you look back on as a time of personal and professional growth. You can grow within your job, you can grow your job itself, you can grow into another job here, you can outgrow us and move on. We aspire to be fully supportive of the needs, visions and journeys of the talented people who pour their energy into our mission.