Dry Eye (Sun)Glasses

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of August 2018, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue stocking optical products, i.e. dry eye glasses and sunglasses. We remain STAUNCH fans of the products, and are happy to recommend specific brands at any time. We're also working on a way to keep all the information we have about the glasses available so that you can browse it all even if you need to go elsewhere to purchase. Unfortunately, stocking glasses has not been financially viable for us and we have decided that you are best served by working either with a local dealer (if available) or direct with the manufacturer - see below.

NOTE: The links on the table below (scroll down) will take you to manufacturer websites. We do not participate in affiliate type programs and we do not profit in any way from referring you to them whether through links or in any other way. The information is provided solely as a service.

About dry eye glasses and sunglasses: Dry eye glasses and sunglasses - also called Moisture Chamber Glasses - have been a symptom management staple amongst severe dry eye patients for a very long time.

What are they? Any glasses or sunglasses that have some kind of lining or shield designed to fill the gap between the frame and your face, so that the eye area is completely enclosed. Many are sports wrap sunglasses with foam on the frame or on a removable gasket. One brand, Ziena Eyewear, makes glasses with a more discreet silicone shield so that they can be worn indoors and in the workplace without looking too "goggly".

How do they work? (1) They block wind, drafts, heat and air conditioning, all of which make your tear film break up quickly, so that your tear film will stay intact longer. (2) They create a more humid environment immediately around your eyes, so that your eyes don't suffer the effects of low relative humidity.

Who would want to wear them? Almost any dry eye patient in pain or any kind of discomfort that significantly disrupts their activities can benefit. Moisture chamber glasses are often the quickest, easiest and safest way to get more comfortable. They do not replace medical treatment, but they do improve quality of life. They are particularly beneficial (a) in challenging environments dry climates, air conditioned offices, outdoors in wind and (b) during activities requiring visual focus, especially computer work, because of the reduced blink rate that accompanies these activities.


Brand Prices Description
Ziena Eyewear From ~$160
  • Most discreet.
  • Best product for indoor and indoor/outdoor use.
  • Uniquely well suited to clear lenses.
  • Gentle silicone shields that attach with micro-magnets.
7Eye AirShield From ~$99
  • Deepest eye cups.
  • Best wind protection. 
  • Best moisture retention.
  • Most comfortable foam.
  • Many framestyles available.
  • Some available with built-in reading lenses.


  • Fit-dependent.
  • Poor aesthetic choice for indoor use.
  • Rx -4 to +4
  • High Rx adaptor available for certain framestyles
WileyX Climate Control From ~$100
  • Good wind protection. 
  • Good variety of frame styles. Colors... not so much (mostly variations on the theme of black)
  • All frames Rx ready
  • Rx rim available on select frames to accommodate high Rx 
  • Shields tend to be shallower than 7Eye AirShields (except deeper eyecup is available for AirRage and Brick styles) and can be itchier as well.
7Eye AirDam From ~$89
  • Good balance of aesthetics and function
  • Thin, discreet foam lining
  • Rx: +4 to -4 
Onion Goggles ~$20
  • Budget-friendly!
  • Deep foam
  • Clear lenses
  • Best all round cheap indoor moisture chamber
  • But... stiff, and fit is not versatile - they either fit or they don't.
  • Good way to "test the concept" before investing in expensive moisture chambers
Guard-Dogs From ~$30
  • Budget friendly
  • Small company with awesome service!
  • Several OverRx options (look for Evader 1, Evader 2 and Commander) that work really well
  • Dustbusters are also a nice relatively discreet option with a smooth, non-irritating foam
  • Great way to "test the concept" before investing in expensive moisture chambers
Global Vision Outfitters ~$30
  • Use over glasses
  • Economical way to get protection without having to purchase new Rx glasses
  • Or great way to test the concept before getting Rxables
  • Fit is a bit difficult. Check the dimensions carefully, as well as the return policy wherever you're purchasing.
Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear From $79
  • Removable foam cartridges to add moisture
  • Two sizes
  • Flexible frame
  • Rxable
Micro-Environment Glasses From $149


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