Hacks to make adhesives more tolerable on the eyelids

I have now heard two new tips in one week from people who tape their eyelids down, and I wanted to write these down someplace where I can find them again, so I thought I might as well add it to the blog:

PROBLEM: Sticky adhesives that are terribly irritating to the eyelids.

SOLUTION: Put a skin product underneath it.

  • The first person, who uses medical tape to seal her lid, said she always uses Aquaphor on her eyelid before taping it down.
  • The second, who uses Eyelocc strips, said that he takes a tiny drop of Nivea cream and rubs it in till almost entirely absorbed.

Your mileage may vary! 

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  • Silicone tape is good. Not too sticky but sticky enough. One brand name is Mepitac

    Jane on
  • You don’t need any adhesive/cream. Just fold plastic wrap in half, and cut to the width of your forehead and eyes. If you need tape to hold it in place, use slightly adhesive, flexible tape. Your eyes can still breathe. I live in Minnesota and had to do this when the temperature was a negative 35 degrees below zero.

    Jocelyn Stewart on

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