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Front row: E, Brenda, Rebecca, David, Kevin

Back row: Gary, Panos, Aidan

Not pictured: Erica

Pic from December 2023

This is getting a little outdated but back in October 2022, we interviewed each other and wrote short bios for each other. 

Rebecca (she/her)

Founder and owner
(Incorporated in 2004)

Rebecca is the Founder/Owner over here at the Dry Eye Company and is also the Founder of the Dry Eye Foundation. She enjoys details in life such as learning what others are passionate about and what it is that inspires that passion. Her own passion lies in educating and helping others. People's experiences, stories, what they have overcome and how they are there for each other is what inspires Rebecca. The beauty in Humanity is what fills her and pushes her forward everyday.

She loves living in the “now” and appreciating life as it happens. If there is something that Rebecca wants to do, she goes for it and is ready for any obstacles that might present themselves along the way. She is a genuinely caring person.

Some of her hobbies include adventuring in the Hoh Rainforest as well as the Washington State Coast and Sol Duc Falls. Rebecca has a love for singing as well and is looking forward to making more time for it in the future!

Aidan (he/him)

Vice President
Joined March 2016

Working for the Dry Eye Shop since graduating Pomona College, Aidan soon found himself treasurer and secretary of the Dry Eye Foundation. Due to covid, creativity was needed to keep the community connected. He found the creation of zoom groups very rewarding, allowing people across the country (and the world) to connect in a common forum. 

A memorable moment for Aidan during his time here was his 23rd birthday. Having taken the day off, he woke up to the newsletter written by Rebecca with a Happy Birthday message and offering a 23% off coupon in honor of the day. There were lots of return replies wishing him a good day. 

Outside of work he enjoys hiking with his partner, cooking (finding creative ways to use produce from their garden), and spending time with family. He is currently in Chamorro language classes and enjoyed a  month long trip to Guam over the summer. He was able to visit more family and learn more about the culture and their community.

UPDATE: As of March 2023, Aidan has stepped down from this role to work full time for the Dry Eye Foundation. He still works one day a week for the shop though. Aidan has a new Aussie companion - check the photo blog for pix!

Gary (his/him)

Shipping and Purchasing Manager
Joined June 2021

Gary was hired to the Dry Eye Shop in June '21. With his extensive experience in shipping and handling he quickly became a key member of the team and took on many roles without a second's hesitation.  Gary makes sure all our packages make it out on time and that everything has been verified before being packed up to be shipped. He is a big part in making sure our shelves stay stocked and fully prepared for our incoming orders. When Gary is not working hard at the Dry Eye Shop, he is working hard at home. From doing home improvement projects, to taking his 14 year old pup Lulu for a walk. He also knows how to relax and enjoys his evenings with his beautiful and amazing wife. They enjoy each other company and like to get dinner out on the town. One thing he wishes to do with his wife is to visit the Island of Aitutaki and enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery.

Rebecca's note: Sadly, Lulu passed away earlier this year.


Product packaging specialist
Joined May 2017

How long have you worked here?
5 years (since May of 2017) [Update! 6 years and counting!]

What do you like to do outside of work?
Going to the beach and bowling

How has your role evolved over time?
David's done everything around the office from scanning and shredding to custodial work. He really shines at packaging products and prepping boxes for the packing room, which is reflected in his current job title. We've worked with David and his employment service provider, Trillum, to ensure he can handle his tasks independently and ask for help when needed. 

What’s your favorite song?
We are the Champions

Favorite TV show?

Who is someone who inspires you?
Myself & Ron (my stepdad)

Do you have pets?
Pet kitty, Knuckles

Rebecca's note: David has excellent support from Trillium Employment Services, a regional inclusive employment organization that we highly recommend.

E (they/them)

Stockroom Floater
Joined August 2021

What do you do on a daily basis at the shop?
I package orders and count/stock inventory

How has your role here progressed since you started?
My role has progressed a lot! I was the custodian when I started out here in August 2021 but now I help package orders and count stock. [Update from Rebecca: E does much more now, including processing orders in our shipping system and handling drop-shipments. They're able to keep almost all shipping related responsibilities going when Gary's away!]

What are you most proud of in your career so far?
I’m proud of how much I have learned

What do you think makes our team culture unique?
I think our team culture is unique because of how accepting and accommodating we are of not only the customers but also each other. I feel very accepted here and I’ve never felt that in a workplace before

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love to spend time with my family and pets. I have a bunny named Oliver and a rat named Chuchu.

Who are you inspired by most?
My twin brother.


Customer Service
Joined December 2022

Brenda's start date as a Stockroom Floater was delayed by a snowstorm! She quickly became a strong asset to the team. And just a couple months later, when we were struggling to recruit a customer service replacement for Heather, Brenda stepped up and wowed us with her quick learning. She's been full time customer service ever since and doing a super job!

Brenda is also a Spanish speaker, which we've longed to be able to offer!


Sales tax
Joined March 2023

We have to collect and submit sales tax in 19 states (and counting). This is a time-consuming and somewhat complicated process that has passed from hand to hand, most recently Joslynn as a new remote responsibility after maternity leave. Kevin was hired specifically to take care of this remotely and we are very happy to have this covered!


Stockroom floater
Joined August 2023

After Brenda made a lateral move into customer service, E was on their own for shipping, and since our amazing peeps never complain I'm afraid we probably left things that way longer than we should have. But we really needed more shipping support, for Mondays (when we have to ship three days' worth of orders!), busy times, and making sure everything's fully covered when people call out or go on vacation. We were delighted to add Erica to the team to help us keep things covered.


(by Rebecca)

a/k/a Dry Eye Shop Hall of Fame

I've had a lot of super great people working at the shop over the years. I consider them all family, wherever they move on to. In order of their appearance here:

Chaidie (they/them). My child!!!! Start date uncertain. Grew up immersed in all things ocular surface disease and ocular surface pain. Wore ever so many hats. Most recently, worked part time remotely from Stanford doing some bookkeeping, social media and marketing support. Chaidie detached from the shop and foundation in summer of 2022 to immerse more fully in their own life and times as a student and all round incredible human, but even now, they can't help but coach peers and their parents in all things dry eye.

Brent. Brent ran all things shipping for four years! Highly valued. Much missed. Incredibly efficient, amazing spatial sense (can tell you in a nanosecond what box to use for a given combination of 13 products). And such a great sense of humor. - Brent was the barbecue master - at our old premises, we had an outdoor space that we barbecued every summer. In my heart of hearts, I hope he will be on the team once again sometime in the future.

Lindy. My incredible, creative, thoughtful, amazing, caring sister, who did customer service (and much more) remotely from Portland for two years during our craziest season. Lindy started in the middle of the Unisol 4 crisis of 2016. She was hyper-attentive to every detail, a heavenly listener, and ran customer service like a dedicated concierge! She also helped in a thousand other ways, particularly marketing support and graphic design. She is the only Photoshop expert we have ever had!

Espen. Espen (like Aidan) joined us in summer of 2016 and ran purchasing and managed the stockroom that summer. Espen and I share a passion for mental health and healthcare advocacy, and we remained connected for a few years via occasional brainstorming parties. He's now working for a congresswoman in Oregon.

Susan. Susan ran our stockroom like clockwork for three years, and she was David's first supervisor here. Susan brought cookies from Central Market - usually snicker-doodles - when least expected and most needed. She even brought good tea back from her annual visit home to England.

Ally. Ally is an ophthalmic technician who worked in customer service here from apprx. 2017-2019 and a couple of other briefer stints. She was so much fun to work with - always kept us in stitches, as well as being a hard worker who really cares about patients.

Jordan (part time). Jordan started as a short-term IT intern recruited from our local community college, then stayed as inventory specialist till we had to downsize a bit during covid. He was so diligent, with terrific attention to detail and process. He went on to pursue an IT career.

Emily (part time). Emily started in 2018 by helping periodically with YouTube videos and photography. In summer of 2020, as Chaidie's high school bestie, Emily became part of the famous "Recent Grads" order fulfillment team, before heading off to college in Oregon.

Leah (full time). Leah joined the Dry Eye Shop as my executive assistant - only to have everything change almost immediately due to Covid in March 2020! Her job rapidly morphed into purchasing and inventory management plus administrative support and de facto office manager. Leah was amazing - she ran a tight ship, figured everything out and helped keep us all on our toes - and she was the 'hub' for our young people's team at the time. Leah moved on at the end of that year.

Tori (part time): Tori joined as our first specifically "Pick & pack" hire, responsible for packing all orders. Tori kept us all in good humor. I'll never forget all her helpfulness and flexibility when I kept flip-flopping over whether to have any staff onsite during the early part of the coronavirus shutdown. Tori moved on to do college full time.

Flint (full time). All things shipping. Flint helped get us through a particularly difficult time in the first half of 2021 when we were really struggling to find suitable staff for shipping. He worked early and late, mastering complex procedures and making sure that no matter what, everything got out the door on time.

Lalana. Lana was an amazing customer concierge. She joined us in April 2021, with extensive experience in eye care and optical. After the arrival of Poppy, our very first Dry Eye Shop baby, in late 2021, Lana opted for full time motherhood for the time being. We're so happy for her, though we miss her!

Shawn (part time). Shawn came to us in the summer of 2021 from Trillium, working Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as custodian, to keep us sparkling clean. Shawn is a friendly and engaging soul, and loves trains, and chocolate... every cleaning session ended with Hersheys special dark kisses. This was Shawn's first paid position, and I'm proud of what he accomplished in his brief stint here!

Melanie. Melanie is my beautiful niece! She worked as a Fulfillment & Stockroom Associate from summer of 2021 to early spring 2022, processing and filling orders, assisting Gary in the stockroom and also assisting with customer service tasks. Melanie teamed with Joslynn, then ran solo, then briefly teamed with E. Melanie is a hard worker and continuous learner!

Heather. Heather managed customer service from December 2021-December 2022 until returning to her pre-pandemic job. Heather cared so much about our customers, while mastering all the technical skills of the job, and keeping on top of lots of tickets. Customers always had nice things to say about her and we miss her a lot! 

Valcorie. Valcorie assisted in shipping and the stockroom from May-November 2022. Valcorie is a tremendously interesting person and engaging conversationalist who resonated with our mission on a personal level. They were impressed by all the different steps that go into making sure everything is right, how each team member has each other’s back and how the whole team has our customers’ backs.

Joslynn. Joslynn started working at the Dry Eye Company in July of 2021. She started working in the stockroom doing fulfillment and her position evolved from an on-site position to a remote role doing finance and data entry work. [From our interviews of each other in October 2022: During her typical day she starts off processing all the dropship orders and any data entry work she has on her plate, the she'll move onto tax submission work later in the day.  One thing that she wanted our customers know is that we all do our best to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for our customers and know we don't have control over shipping once the order leaves our doors. Something she enjoys about working here is the flexibility and the understanding of life's changes.  Also, she likes the closeness of the team and the ability to rely on one another.  Outside of work, Joslynn enjoys going on hikes, gardening (indoor plants) and hanging out with her family.  Her and her husband have 2 dog and 2 cats. Cerberus and Odin are their Black Lab and Staffordshire Terrier, and Nyx and Artemis are their cats.  They are from the East coast, but are enjoying all the West coast views they can!] As of March 2023, Joslynn and her family are moving out of the area. We will really miss her!