What should I use to briefly store my scleral lenses?

Daytime lens removal needs

Do you sometimes need to take your lenses out during the day for a little while, in order to:

  • apply a prescription eye drop
  • do a warm compress
  • clean the lenses (but decide not to put them back in immediately)
  • take a shower
  • go for a swim

The safe way

Place your lenses in a case filled with a MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION

The unsafe way

Due to acanthamoeba keratitis risk:

Never store your lenses in (or rinse them with) water

Never store your lenses in preservative-free saline (e.g. Scleralfil, Purilens, Nutrifill, VibrantVue, Lacripure, Addipak or any other sodium chloride 0.9% solution) or other filling solutions.

Dry storage is not suitable in between uses, only for long-term storage of non hydra-peg coated lenses; they need to be disinfected before next use.

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  • Whoops, sorry for overlooking these comments!

    Jay – is that true for all multi-purpose solutions? Wow that’s too bad. Totally understand though, I have bad reactions to the Boston MPS.

    Karen – Yes.

    Radhika – I’m talking only about preservative-free saline. It is not safe for storing lenses and has been linked to acanthamoeba keratitis infections, which are very serious. We use PF salines only for lens rinsing and insertion. – There may be some confusion about the word “saline” though, people use it to refer to different types of things.

    Erik – yes.

    Rebecca on
  • Multi-purpose solutions hurt my eyes so bad that I am unable to use my scleral lenses. After cleaning with the multi-purpose solution, I must disinfect using Clear Care. Disinfection takes six hours which prevents me from using multi-purpose solutions for temporary storage when I need to reinsert them. I hope a different solution becomes available.

    Jay B Stuart on
  • After temporarily storing in Unique PH, can I then rinse with Purilens and insert normally? I would be concerned that the Unique PH ingredients could harm my eye.

    Karen on
  • Why is saline not safe? That’s what I was told by every doctor I’ve seen.

    Radhika on
  • Is it OK to store them temporarily in preserved saline, such as Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes?

    Erik Manning on

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