What should I use to briefly store my scleral lenses?

Daytime lens removal needs

Do you sometimes need to take your lenses out during the day for a little while, in order to:

  • apply a prescription eye drop
  • do a warm compress
  • clean the lenses (but decide not to put them back in immediately)
  • take a shower
  • go for a swim

The safe way

Place your lenses in a case filled with a MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION

The unsafe way

Due to acanthamoeba keratitis risk:

Never store your lenses in (or rinse them with) water

Never store your lenses in preservative-free saline (e.g. Scleralfil, Purilens, Nutrifill, VibrantVue, Lacripure, Addipak or any other sodium chloride 0.9% solution) or other filling solutions.

Dry storage is not suitable in between uses, only for long-term storage of non hydra-peg coated lenses; they need to be disinfected before next use.

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  • Multi-purpose solutions hurt my eyes so bad that I am unable to use my scleral lenses. After cleaning with the multi-purpose solution, I must disinfect using Clear Care. Disinfection takes six hours which prevents me from using multi-purpose solutions for temporary storage when I need to reinsert them. I hope a different solution becomes available.

    Jay B Stuart on
  • After temporarily storing in Unique PH, can I then rinse with Purilens and insert normally? I would be concerned that the Unique PH ingredients could harm my eye.

    Karen on
  • Why is saline not safe? That’s what I was told by every doctor I’ve seen.

    Radhika on
  • Is it OK to store them temporarily in preserved saline, such as Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes?

    Erik Manning on

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