Mt Ellinor

Alright, this might be the coolest hike I've been on yet. 

The day started out overcast, so I almost called this one off. Luckily, the clouds to the South had already burned off by the time we were crossing the Hood Canal bridge to take 101 south. The tide was out and the water smelled just like being on the coast. 

The hike to the summit was no joke. We did about 2400' of elevation gain over 3 miles on the way up starting in lush forest, over exposed rocks, near snow banks, and straight up the side of the mountain. 

Mt Rainier was visible on the horizon behind some clouds. The South Hood Canal and Lake Cushman are visible below. 

You can hardly tell, but there's a person walking on the trail through the grass near the tree line in the top of the photo. This is close to the summit, but after a couple miles of hiking.

Looking northeast over Mt Washington and the Hood Canal. Just a few minutes later, we reached the summit and the views change dramatically to a stunning 360 views into the Olympics. 

Mount Olympus, which isn't visible from sea level is in the distance on the left in this photo. 

This panorama captures most of the view, but misses the Hood Canal and Mt Rainier to our backs.
After stressing our joints on the way down, I made sure to time our packed dinner with the sun setting on Lake Cushman. We had about an hour left to get home, so we didn't stay for the sunset, but we did watch it set over the Olympics driving up the Hood Canal from Union to Shelton. 
The wildflowers were just starting to bloom, but we couldn't have asked for nicer weather and a reprieve from the summer wildfire smoke. Someday, it would be nice to camp near the trailhead and time a sunrise hike. Aura came along since we were on National Forest land, and she even let us sleep in until 8:30 the next morning. 


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  • Fantastic photos Rebecca!
    So happy that you are taking the time to enjoy things!

    Robert Greenbaum on

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