On the home front

Those who have known me a long time know about our little property and tinyhome, but some of you are newer to this story.

And I may or may not have mentioned in summer of 2022 that Panos and I moved back to our tinyhome after several years of apartment-living during Chaidie's high school years.

In 2023 we're starting to dig in to make it home!

My best friend's family descended one day to help us put together a greenhouse from a kit:

Tuesday night at home....

We had just planted a weeping willow, something we've wanted for years. 

We also set fire to a collection of ancient cedar fence posts which served long and faithfully both previous ownership of this land and, for the past ten years, us and our Icelandic sheep, till our sheep aged out and we finally removed all the old fencing this summer.

About 20 minutes after I tossed a lighted Duraflame log amongst those posts, I recollected that I had forgotten to check whether the summer burn ban had started.

Oops. Missed it by a couple weeks.

We carefully babysat the fire and kept everything around it absolutely saturated. In three hours everything was ashes. Next bonfire will be in September (or so... depending on the weather.)

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  • What a beautiful quaint home! Would love to see the interior..if that’s not to intrusive. Is it cold during the winter without skirting? We had the same greenhouse..make sure you open the vent on the roof! Your plants will thrive!

    Cindy on

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