When good shipments go wrong

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Disclaimer: The following are reenactments.  Any resemblance to real customers or shipping carriers is purely coincidental.  Customers beware!  This could happen to YOU!  


Looking through customer service email "tickets", Brent finds one assigned to him and opens it.  It reads as follows. 

“I didn’t get my package.”

“Ok, who are you?” Brent thinks as he looks at the email address.  Brent copies the email address and changes to a different tab in his browser and uses the address to look up the customer record for Waldorf Frodlaw.  Hmmm.  A new customer.  This was his first order.  

Looking up the order information to find the tracking number, Brent sees the tracking says the package was delivered in or at a mailbox.  

“Hi Waldorf,
The tracking for your package says it’s been delivered to your mailbox.  Is it possible it was left in your neighbor’s mailbox?  Many times if a package goes missing it has a way of turning up.  If you can check with your neighbors and if they don’t have it check with your local post office, they might be able to help.  If your package still doesn’t turn up, please let us know and we’ll send out a replacement. 


“NO! I’m not doing that. I paid for this.  You should do it.”

Brent ponders his options as to how he’s going to respond when another email arrives. 

“It was in the bushes by the front door.”  

Waldorf got his package.  It was too big for his mailbox.  


The phone rings.

“Dry Eye Shop. this is Ally, how can I help you?”  

The customer says her name is Margaret and explains she received an email saying her package has been delivered but it hasn’t arrived.  Her postal carrier is very good. She’s been home all day.  Nothing arrived. Ally gets her order information and looks at the tracking. Sure enough, it says delivered.

Ally asks Margaret to check with her neighbors and local post office.  If the package doesn’t turn up, we’ll send a replacement.

Later in the day Margaret calls back to tell Ally the package was delivered to one of her neighbors by mistake and to thank her for her help. 

“She was so nice!  I want a Margaret!” exclaims Ally as the phone rings again.


Brent opens a fresh service ticket. 

“I haven’t received my package yet. My order is DES5551234.  – Statler”

Brent responds, explaining the usual steps to take.  After some investigation on Statler's part, Statler emails again to say his package hasn’t shown up and the carrier service doesn’t know where it is.  

“Hi Statler, 

Alright, I’ve got a replacement order set up and I’ll get it out to you today.  If the original package shows up you can simply refuse whichever one arrives last and they’ll send it back to us.  You can just write ‘Refused’ on the label and leave it in your box. 


Brent processes the new order and ships it out.  


These stories and many like them happen regularly. More often than not, when a package goes missing, it’s usually nearby.  If this happens to you, look in those bushes by the door (or other places a carrier might leave a package).  Check with your neighbors and your carrier (usually the local Post Office).  They are the ones who last had your package and will (hopefully) be best able to help you. 

If your neighbors don’t have it and your carrier doesn’t have it, Brent and Ally at the Dry Eye Shop will have you covered!

But... please don’t be a Waldorf!

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  • How come you spell shipping with only one p in name of your blog? I assume it was on purpose but my first thought was “how can I trust someone who can’t spell?” Okay I am a former English teacher but still….

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