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EyeCloud Home Treatment Kit

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    About EyeCloud

    • Luxury set for moist heatcompresses
    • 600 treatments
    • Instant gel packs for 20 minutes of controlled heat
    • Subject to international shipping restrictions
    • Kit includes: Eyecloud goggle, 4 instant gel packs, 2 bead packs, 100 disposable cotton liners, instructions

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Eyecloud can be considered a sort of a foamless souped-up Tranquileyes alternative, specifically for moist compresses (as opposed to overnight dry eye protection).

    I think Eyecloud's niche is probably going to be those who want longer lasting compresses with broader coverage. Please share your experiences, by email, phone, etc, or write a review, and I'll update this description over time based on our community's experiences.

    So what is EyeCloud? It's a sort of rubber goggle designed to hold hot/cold packs that are each a single unit that stretches the width of the goggle, rather than single-eye packs like those used with Tranquileyes. The goggle is deep, designed to hold two of these units stacked on top of each other. Then you moisten a disposable liner and put it over the top before putting it on.

    If you're using the Instant type, you activate just the one on top. When it cools down, you flip the sandwich and activate the other one. If you're using cold, you can just leave them both in, or you can flip them partway through if needed.

    Scroll down and watch the video to see more specifics.

    One caution: Some people fall asleep with heat packs on their eyes, like a Bruder bag or the like. I don't think that's a good idea with any heat pack, personally, due to the pressure put on the eye by the weight, but I would especially caution against it with this product. It's not designed for nights - it's designed for 15-20 minute treatments. 

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Our patented eyecloud® therapy provides at least 600 soothing controlled moist heat treatments, scientifically proven to provide relief from moderate to severe evaporative Dry Eye (MGD), Blepharitis, and Demodex. This system also provides unlimited cold treatments to help reduce eyelid and undereye puffiness, along with inflammation and itchiness associated with allergies.

    eyecloud® combines the goggle, reusable gel packs and moisture to sustain temperature between 102-110°/39-43° for up to twenty minutes, repeatedly. Moisture is always combined with the gel packs as moist heat therapy stimulates tear production, promotes circulation, and speeds heat transfer to the meibomian glands (inside our eyelids), loosening the oils so they return to their healthy state.

    Additionally, the humidity associated with moist heat therapy stabilizes the tear film and the expanded mask coverage and pressure control design evenly distributes therapy to the eyelids and surrounding skin.

    Previously available only to eye care physicians, eyecloud® now offers you an unparalleled professional-grade home remedy. The eyecloud® experience is the equivalent of a long, deep soak in a hot bath – it is controlled, natural moist heat, that elevates you to the clouds!


    1. One eyecloud® goggle
    2. Four reusable Instants gel packs
    3. Two reusable Beads packs
    4. One hundred cotton liners
    5. Instructions for use

    Use & Care Instructions

    Create 20 minutes of controlled moist heat therapy to relieve Dry Eye symptoms

    The eyecloud® mask is designed to hold two thermoeyes™ Instants gel packs at a time, allowing for optimum pressure on the eyelids. Only one Instants gel pack needs to be activated per treatment.
    1. Insert one Instants gel pack into back of eyecloud® goggle.
    2. Activate a second Instants gel pack when ready for treatment. To activate:
    a. Hold gel pack in a vertical position , lengthwise, so the internal metal disc floats down to the narrow end.
    b. Use thumb and forefinger of both hands to grasp the opposite edges of the disc.
    c. Bend the disk back and forth to make a clicking sound until the fluid starts to crystalize and generate heat.
    3. Place the now-activated gel pack on top of the gel pack already inserted into the eyecloud® mask.
    4. Moisten a cotton liner with drinking water and place over activated gel pack and mask.
    5. Place mask over closed eyelids and gently secure with Velcro® strap, so pressure is evenly distributed. Wear up to 20 minutes, or as directed by your eye doctor.
    6. Relax and enjoy!
    7. After treatment, remove and discard liner. Reverse the gel packs so the activated gel pack is on the bottom and the liquid Instants gel pack is now on top. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for the next treatment.

    Create 15-minute cold therapies to reduce itchiness from allergies, puffiness and inflammation

    The eyecloud® mask is designed to hold two thermoeyes™ Beads at a time, allowing for optimum pressure on the eyelids.
    1. Place two Beads into back of eyecloud® goggle.
    2. Place eyecloud® goggle into resealable plastic bag and freeze for a minimum of one hour.
    3. Remove plastic bag from freezer.
    4. Moisten a cotton liner with drinking water, and place over activated Beads and mask.
    5. Place mask over closed eyelids and gently secure using Velcro® strap, so pressure is evenly distributed. Wear up to 15 minutes or as directed by your eye doctor.
    6. Relax and enjoy!
    7. Remove and discard liner after treatment.

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    Ease of Use
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Rated 3 out of 5
    1 Review
    Reviewed by Ilana, from United States
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Age Range
    18 - 30
    Use scleral lenses or PROSE
    Eye Condition(s)
    • Dry eye disease
    • Aqueous deficient dry eye
    • Evaporative dry eye
    • Nocturnal lagophthamos
    • Blepharitis/MGD
    Systemic diseases/conditions related to eye issues
    • Sjogrens/Lupus/Rheumatoid arthritis
    Rated 3 out of 5
    Review posted

    I like the long heat but mask is a little uncomfortable

    I was looking forward to this product after my doctor recommended it to me. She said the longer heat (20 minutes) could be better than using my microwaveable mask for 5-10 minutes.

    The Pros:

    -I love that I don't have to go downstairs every night to microwave this. It will motivate me to use it more often!

    -I also like the longer heat. The instructions say you only need to activate 1 mask per session. However, I found that after 10-12 minutes it isn't as warm as I would like and I activate the second one and move that to the front. I don't mind doing this and it still allows for longer heat.

    - I like the moist heat that putting the dampened liner on gives.

    The Cons:

    -The mask is quite uncomfortable. When the gel crystalizes, it gets lumpy and the bumps that stick out create uneven and uncomfortable pressure on my eyes that takes a lot of adjusting. The silicon mask also puts uncomfortable pressure on my nose and forehead.

    - The gel packs don't really fit well in the silicon mask. They are difficult to put in and smooth out. I feel like if it was just a bit bigger they would lay more flat. I might try using the heat packs and damp liner just laying on top of my eyes instead.

    -The product is quite expensive.

    Overall, I would recommend this product if you like the longer, very moist heat without having to go microwave something. However, I think the product could be made more comfortable.

    Rated 4 out of 5
    Ease of Use
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Rated 3 out of 5
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