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Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment

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    About Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment

    • Active ingredients: Mineral oil and white petrolatum
    • Preservative-free
    • 3.5g (1/8 oz) tube

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Vaseline, more or less. 

    Which ointment to choose? There are lots of ointments on the market, and they're all made of the same stuff mostly - white petrolatum and mineral oil. The main thing that distinguishes one product from another is the proportions of those two ingredients. Systane and Genteal ointments are 94% white petrolatum and only 3% mineral oil.

    For plenty of people the differences may not matter, but certainly I've noticed some over the years who find that the proportions matter for their purposes, so comparison shopping can be helpful.

    Should I be using ointment at all? Ointments are attractive for overnight use due to their staying power - unlike polymer drops and gel drops, they don't just dissolve and dissipate in a short time. However, not everyone who has moderate to severe overnight dry eye symptoms therefore has to use an ointment. Many people can get by with a less viscous (not to mention non-greasy!) lubricant, such as a polymer gel or even gel drop, if they also use some kind of night protection (shield, mask, goggle, etc.). 

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    SYSTANE® Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment is a safe and effective formulation with no preservatives. This unpreserved ointment, when applied to the eyes, forms a smooth, comfortable protective film, especially useful for nighttime protection and lubricant of dry eyes.

    Drug Facts (from manufacturer's site):

    Active Ingredients / Purpose
    Mineral Oil 3% / Lubricant

    White Petrolatum 94% / Lubricant


    • For use as a lubricant to prevent further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye.


    For external use only
    Do not use
    • if you are sensitive to any ingredient in this product

    When using this product 

    • remove contact lenses before using
    • to avoid contamination, do not touch tip of container to any surface
    • replace cap after using

    Stop use and ask a doctor if

    • you feel eye pain
    • changes in vision occur
    • redness or irritation of the eye(s) gets worse, persists or lasts more than 72 hours

    Keep out of reach of children.

    If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


    • Pull down the lower lid of the affected eye and apply a small amount (one-fourth inch) of ointment to the inside of the eyelid.

    Other information

    • Store at 8°-27°C (46°-80°F).

    Inactive Ingredients

    Anhydrous Liquid Lanolin 3%.


    In the U.S., call 1-800-757-9195.
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