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PROGENT Protein Remover (1 treatment)

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    About PROGENT Protein Remover 

    • Deep cleaning protein remover system
    • Use bi-weekly or as directed by your lens provider
    • Not suitable for lenses with Hydra PEG coating
    • 1 treatment

    IMPORTANT: Large diameter lens case. which is required for scleral lenses, is sold separately. Package contains 1 treatment and a case which should be discarded (it is not suitable for scleral lenses).

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Progent is The Deep Cleaner for scleral lenses. When you want a truly clean lens, Progent can do what no other lens cleaner can do anywhere near as effectively: remove all the protein. Other things can maybe get you partway there, but I think no matter who you ask, you will consistently hear that for those who actually need this kind of deep cleaning, Progent is best.

    Progent has been around a long time. We didn't stock it immediately. Why?  Well, there are a few things that influenced us:

    1. It's complicated to use. You really have to follow the instructions very carefully. We prefer to leave this kind of things to eye doctors to determine whether their patient is likely to be compliant with the instructions. (In fact, many eye doctors do this deep cleaning for patients in office when necessary, rather than having patients do it themselves.)
    2. It strips Hydra PEG. So I worry about people with Hydra PEG coating using it and stripping off their coating. The fact is, a lot of scleral lens users aren't told about Hydra PEG. My strenuous advice to you is, do not buy this product unless you have confirmed that you don't have hydra peg, and unless your doctor is happy with you using it.
    3. The lens case that is designed for Progenting your lens is not safe for use with Clear Care. But it's a better design, and cheaper, than the PROSE disinfection case, so I am really worried about people getting the case, using it with Clear Care and experiencing a minor explosion in their bathroom.

    On the other hand, we have a large and rapidly growing community of scleral lens users with advanced corneal diseases who are experiencing a lot of protein issues that are difficult to deal with in any other way. All this, in the context of an optometric community whose interest in scleral lenses is exploding. Many of them are new to this and don't know everything. Their patients go online to learn more. And we want to be here for them.

    So, on balance, it feels like a better path to raise awareness of this product on our site, while at the same time urging all our readers who are considering it to go straight back to their doctor (or pick up the phone or send an email) for guidance and advice and monitoring when they try anything new with their lenses.

    Please repeat after me:



    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Progent® cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits after a short soak without manual rubbing.

    To ensure comfort, eye health and to prolong the life of gas permeable lenses, it is recommended that patients remove proteins with Progent® bi-weekly.

    Progent® is a highly effective deposit and protein remover and cleaner compatible with all RGP contact lenses. Simply soaking the lenses for 30 minutes will ensure the removal of deposits.

    Progent® provides deep cleaning for gas permeable lenses without the mechanical rubbing or abrasives used in conventional cleaning or polishing. Please note that Menicon Progent should not be used on lenses treated with Tangible Hydra-PEG as it may damage the coating.

    Progent® Large Diameter (Scleral) Lens Case-Designed for deep cleaning large diameter lenses (11 mm to 23 mm) in Progent®.

    A non-vented barrel style contact lens case fabricated with clear polycarbonate (PC) cylinder with acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) copolymer non-vented screw cap and lens holder/basket.

    Each lens basket is molded with a letter, "L" or "R", for ease in proper lens identification. The left lens basket is also colored grey to assist patients who are not currently wearing their contact lenses. The lens case is capable of holding the 10 mL of Progent ® Protein Remover A/B mixed solution for effective protein removal.

    How supplied

    Progent® is supplied in 7–treatment or 1-treatment packages.

      The outer carton and each solution container are marked with a lot number and expiration date.

      The Progent® treatment is recommended every two weeks. The frequency may vary according to the condition of your lens. Follow your eye care professional’s directions (to a maximum of every 5 days).

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