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Duo Shield

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    About the Duo Shield

    • Budget-friendly post surgical goggle
    • Latex free
    • Available in two styles, vented and moisture chamber
    • See separate listing for Duo Shields with grey lenses

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Classic style of inexpensive goggle used after surgery. You know those hard plastic tape-on shields? This goggle is basically those shields with a white foam lining for comfort and moisture seal and some elastic connecting the two shields as well as a thin elastic strap to hold it on.

    Pros - inexpensive, very lightweight and reasonably comfortable.

    Cons - very thin strap (so it may not stay in place, depending how you sleep); no actual seal because both types (see below) are vented. Some people cover the holds with tape. Also, not particularly durable as it is intended for short term use.

    There are two styles of Duo Shield:

    1. 'Moisture retention'. This is NOT a completely sealed moisture chamber; each eye cup has vents near the nose bridge; but they will hold more moisture than the other one.
    2. Vented - This is the classic post surgical goggle with several air holes in the plastic eye cup - this is NOT a moisture chamber, but rather a protective shield to make sure nothing touches your eyes. It's a more comfortable alternative to tape-on shields.

    As with everything you consider wearing over your eyes at night, make sure you check with your doctor to confirm it's appropriate for your situation.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    Dual Eye Shield is a new, soft, smooth and latex free Foam Lined Eye Shield with a comfortable adjustable headband. They are the best devices in postoperative and post trauma eye protection. 
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