Rebecca's personal favorites

My dry eye needs wax and wane, and my tastes change. So this list changes from time to time depending what’s going on and what I feel like. My newest love is OcuTherm. It is everything I've ever wanted in a warm compress - I mean I really marvel at the design. For overnight, on a "bad eye day", I like Tranquileyes XL. I soak the pads in very cold water and then put it on after cleaning my lids with I-Lid n Lash Plus, the slimy tea tree wipes that come in a tub... for some reason those just work really well for me. During a seriously Bad Eye Day, I'll tape my Bad Eye down with Mepitac. I'm currently using Freshkote night and morning.

For my scleral lens needs, well, that’s much more static. My scleral lens needs are pretty conventional. I insert with the standard DMV plungers (but not the vented insertion one, because I have 18mm lenses and they don't feel stable enough without suction). I remove with the DMV Ultra. Sadly, Lobob is history, so I clean with Unique and I soak in ClearCare (in a PROSE case due to my lens size). I tend to use Purilens at home for rinsing and filling because I do a lot of rinsing, so I go through the bottle quickly enough for safety. But I always use Scleralfil when traveling, to make sure nobody nabs it in security. I keep an emergency kit in my car and my computer bag.