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Wiley X Brick

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     About Wiley X Brick

    • Removable Facial Cavity Seal
    • Includes zippered clamshell case, cleaning cloth and T-peg elastic strap
    • Small to medium sizing
    • Dimensions: 136mm hinge-to-hinge; 18mm bridge; 63mmx39mm lens; 120mm temple
    • Choice of lenses

    Description (Rebecca's)

    October, 2022

    About Wiley X Climate Control

    Wiley X Climate Control is a popular high quality sports optical series of glasses frames. They are designed to keep you relatively windproof while biking, skiing or engaging in other fast-moving sports.

    The frame is a deep wrap style and it has a detachable foam-lined gasket ("Facial Cavity Seal") designed to fill most of the gap between the frame your skin.

    This form of close protection is invaluable to people with dry eye. Having our eyes enclosed allows humidity to build up in the space in front of the eyes and keeps out wind, drafts and particulate matter that would otherwise cause irritation. For people with light sensitivity, the seal also helps eliminate peripheral glare, which, when combined with tinted lenses, tends to be very helpful in improving outdoor comfort.

    For our community's purposes, we describe this kind of eye wear as "moisture chamber glasses" or "dry eye glasses", even if they are not manufactured specifically for people with dry eye (since very few are). 

    I cannot possibly over-emphasize the importance of dry eye glasses for maintaining an active outdoors lifestyle when you have dry eye disease. There are many options to choose from at a wide range of prices. Wiley X is an excellent, trusted brand with high quality lenses and frames for the higher-end market.

    What makes the Brick frame unique?

    Brick is a small to medium classic style with rectangular lenses. There are two facial cavity seals available, standard and thick.

    Are they only for outdoors?

    No. Some people purchase them with clear lenses, or with light-adjusting lenses for indoor/outdoor use. Just be aware that anything with a dark foam seal will tend to look rather goggly when paired with clear lenses. But many people use these glasses for computer work because it really does help with managing eye comfort.

    How do Climate Control frames compare to 7Eye Airshields?

    Climate Control frames in general have somewhat shallower foam on their seals. For some people this is important and for others it isn't. The completeness of the seal can depend as much on the frame shape as on the foam depth. Aesthetically, of course the deeper seals are more visible.

    Some people with sensitive skin prefer 7Eye Airshields due to the closed cell foam type.

    What about fogging?

    Fogging is undeniably a potential problem with any glasses that form a close seal. Climate Control series glasses have small vents to help with this, and we recommend Nano Magic (sold on our site) to defog! 

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Our Wiley X BRICK sunglasses feature an almost all rubber temple adding a ton of flexibility and additional support during intense activities.

    Inspired by its rugged durability and no-nonsense presentation, the Brick solidly lives up to its name. With a traditional rectangular lens shape, the Brick’s streamlined temple arm is partially constructed of rubber, adding flexibility and support during intense activities. Virtually indestructible, this solid but lightweight model is built for a snug and secure, small-to-medium fit with all of the high-performance features that give your eyes and your vision unbeatable protection and clarity.

    PRODUCT INCLUDES: Removable Facial Cavity Seal, Black Zippered Clamshell Case, Cleaning Cloth with Wiley X Logo, Leash Cord with Rubber Grips

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