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Nutrifill 10mL Sample Pack

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    About Nutrifill

    • Preservative free saline solution
    • Can be used for rinsing and filling scleral lenses
    • pH balanced, electrolyte-enriched
    • Sample pack of 5x 10mL vials
    • Ships to US and territories only

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Note May 2023

    Hurray, we get to stock the samples! This is a much-asked-for item.

    Original product description, January 2020

    Launched January 2020 - the most recent preservative free saline for scleral lens users, and it's proven very popular.

    For many people, pH balanced borate buffered salines (i.e. Scleralfil & Purilens) seem to work quite well. Others seem to tolerate even the much more acidic sodium chloride solutions. Still others mix up cocktails in the bowl of their lens, such as using preservative free artificial tears mixed with saline or on their own. It is frustrating to me that scientifically, we do not know what all these things are doing to our corneas - beyond keeping them wet and assisting our vision. We need the scientific community to do a better job of studying what the effect is of various types of preservative free salines held against our corneas all day long!

    Anyway, back to Nutrifill. We may not have data but we sure do have lots of anecdotal community experience, and I would say the consensus is that Nutrifill has been a really good step forward. Many of its strongest proponents will be people who have severe dry eye and other ocular surface diseases - and, for example, many of the people who used to use, say, Addipak plus Celluvisc, are finding they can use Nutrifill without any added solutions. 

    The distinguishing features of this particular product are:

    1. It's pH balanced (they say pH of 7.4 and osmolality of 300)
    2. It's buffered with phosphates instead of borates (ScleralFil and Purilens use borate buffers). I'm not saying that's better, just that it's different.
    3. It contains electrolytes, which should be very good for the cornea.

    Size-wise, NutriFill is 10mL, which is the same size as ScleralFil. ScleralFil's vials are much more elegant, but they both work. Personally I found the Nutrifill vials a little harder to open. They are very soft, and in twisting the tops off you can easily squeeze too hard and squeeze out a bit of saline in the process, so be gentle.

    If you currently use Lacripure, Addipak or Modudose in 5mL vials, Nutrifill is twice as large as those. For some, that will be a good thing because you're tired of opening up a whole bunch of vials every day. For others, it may be too much. PLEASE DO NOT SUCCUMB to the temptation of keeping a vial open indefinitely. 

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Nutrifill: Scleral, Hybrid and Gas Permeable (GP) Lens Insertion Solution. Physiologic formula. Preservative Free. Single use 10mL ampoules.


    Nutrifill is a preservative free sterile isotonic buffered saline solution with 5 essential electrolytes (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphate, Sodium) in purified water.


    Use to rinse your contact lenses prior to insertion and as an insertion solution for large diameter (scleral), hybrid, and rigid gas permeable lenses.


    Twist off the plastic cap to open Nutrifill. Discard the cap and follow these directions:

    1. Always wash and dry your hands before handling lenses. 
    2. Always handle the same lens first, the right or left, in order to avoid mix-ups.
    3. Following proper lens disinfection, rinse both sides of the lens and fill back surface (the bowl) before inserting.
    4. Discard single use ampoule after each use. DO NOT REUSE.

    Refer to Package Insert for complete instructions.

    CAUTION: Store at room temperature. Do not freeze. Do not expose to temperatures over 79F (26C).

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