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Lacripure Sample Pack

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    About LacriPure Sample Pack

    Description (by Rebecca)

    **Sample pack so you can try it before buying the whole box of 98**

    Menicon was the first company to go out and get a unit dose preservative free saline (albeit unbuffered) labeled for ocular use, and moreover, specifically for use filling scleral lenses (among other things). We applaud this step - it's about time someone recognized scleral lens users as a market in their own right - and encourage you to give them your business. For doctors and patients, it's definitely a more user-friendly approach than finding saline sold for nebulizers!

    Ingredients: Purified water and sodium chloride.


    • Not large enough for those who use a lot in lens rinsing/filling
    • Unbuffered saline, not tolerated equally well by all users
    • Expense

    Alternatives to consider

    • Modudose (larger 15mL / 0.51oz sizing, and stands up on its own)
    • Purilens Plus Saline (buffered)

    For more information about preservative free salines, please see our Product Guide to Preservative Free Saline Options.

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    On and off-label use

    Please note that several lens solutions that are routinely recommended by doctors for use with PROSE or are not labeled that way by the manufacturer so for you this may constitute an '' use. Please make sure your lens care professional approves any solution you are using.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    LacriPure is a unit dose non-preserved, 0.9% NaCl (normal saline) solution indicated for rinsing soft lens (hydrophilic), rigid gas permeable, hybrid and hard contact lens prior to insertion. The rinsing removes debris and bacteria following proper lens disinfection. This sterile, normal saline solution can be used to fill the concave posterior surface of large diameter (scleral) lenses prior to insertion to provide a more natural environment than currently approved multipurpose solutions which contain preservatives and osmolarity agents that are not designed to be held against the cornea for extended periods of time. 


    Sodium chloride and water.

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