International FAQ

Do you ship to my country?

We ship most things to most countries. There are certain exceptions.
  • Eye Eco products (e.g. Tranquileyes, Onyix, Quartz and Eyeseals kits, as well as tea tree cleansers) cannot be shipped to the following locations: Europe, Canada, Dominican Republic, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa. Europeans, please contact All others, please contact the manufacturer ( for a distributor referral.
  • Contact lens solutions (e.g. Purilens, Lobob, ClearCare, etc) cannot be shipped anywhere outside the US.

Who pays customs duties and when?

  • YOU DO, at the time you receive the package. We cannot estimate or prepay any import duties for you (although we're working on it!). If you order anything over about $15, chances are you will be charged import duty before you can receive your package. Find out more from your local post office BEFORE you purchase, please. 
  • BROKERAGE FEES (DHL): For DHL shipments to Canada, DHL will charge you 10.50 in brokerage fees. For brokerage fees to other countries please contact DHL for details.

    What shipping methods do you offer?

    • We offer Fedex and (to some countries) USPS in our online store. Use the shipping calculator in the cart, and email or call with questions.
    • We offer DHL on request. If it is more expensive than Fedex, we will need to collect a surcharge. Please email or put a note on your order if you want to ship via DHL.

    What about Canada?

    We can ship most products to Canada (exception: Eye Eco products) but there are shipping charges and customs duties to deal with. 

    Some popular product sources in Canada:

    Purilens Plus Saline: Go to and search on Purilens, and look for the supplier called The Lifestyle Company (they are the manufacturer).

    Eye Eco (Tranquileyes, Onyix/Quartz, EyeSeals): is the current distributor.


    Unfortunately we cannot ship Eye Eco products to the UK. Please visit and ask for assistance.

    If you're looking for local sources for dry eye products, here are a couple of possibilities. Please let us know your favorite UK sites so we can share them!