FAQ: International

Customs duties

  • If you order anything over about $15, chances are you will be charged some kind of tax before you can receive your package.
  • We cannot estimate or prepay this for you. 
  • We will not falsify customs documentation to save you money.
  • Find out more from your local post office BEFORE you purchase, please. 

Shipping methods and costs

  • We use USPS and DHL.
  • Use the shipping calculator in the cart, and all with questions.
  • USPS First Class International = Cheapest, but slow! USPS First Class International does a pretty good job to Canada and Europe (one to three weeks including customs), so most of our customers in those locations use it. However, we've found it to be sketchy at times going to other regions.
  • Fastest is DHL Worldwide. The rates are really good! BUT, bear in mind your order will ship one business day later, because our local dropoff dealine for DHL is 11am. 


If you're looking for Eye Eco products, eye-revive.ca is the current distributor.

If you're looking for dry eye glasses, try the dealer locators at Ziena, 7Eye and WileyX before purchasing over the border.

Most of our Canadian customers use First Class International shipping. If you're getting something heavy, put a note on your order and we'll try and use a flat rate priority mail box. 


UK customers, special notes for you.

If you're looking for local sources, try butterflies.co.uk, and also reach out to others in the Facebook dry eye groups for suggestions about UK based retailers.


Mexico recently changed their import laws about contact lens supplies. It's pretty horrific - you have to get special documentation from the ministry of health. Please find out before purchasing!

Ordering rice baggies?

Japan does not permit the import of rice.

Some countries will consider rice baggies a food product (I think that happened to an Australian customer once).

We are happy to re-label this product as a warm eye compress for customs purposes if necessary. Just let us know.