Updated 11/11/20

Freebies are generally damaged, returned, or donated items that we offer to customers with special needs or circumstances for free. We use the honor system and just ask that you pay shipping. Browse our freebie listings by category below. 

IMPORTANT: You must call or email to place an order for freebies or to add them to your order.

All freebie offers are subject to availability. We do our best to keep this list current and try as much as possible to assist customers with special needs and circumstances. Please call or email to order. 

*We've highlighted some items that we have a lot of or that are expiring soon


Addipak 5mL
Alcohol preps (box of 200)
Boston Simplus
I-chek mirror
Tangible Clean 12oz
Unique pH 2oz
Unique pH 2.5oz
Unique pH 4oz - expiring 1/28/20


Child size Eye Eco Tranquileyes straps (discontinued)
Eye Eco Tranquileyes strap
Ortolux MC large
Post LASIK Goggle (clear)
Solo shield
Visitec Eye Bubble
Pressure patch


Ocusoft Plus Platinum Foam (50 mL)
Ocusoft HypoChlor Gel
Zocular ZocuFoam 


Sil-Ophtho 4mL
Muro 128 Opthalmic Solution (not Ointment)


Commander I smoke
Dustbuster I Clear
Dustbuster I golden 
Outfitter clear