Updated 10/20/21

Freebies are generally damaged, returned, or donated items that we offer to customers with special needs or circumstances for free. We use the honor system and just ask that you pay shipping. Browse our freebie listings by category below. 

IMPORTANT: You must call or email to place an order for freebies or to add them to your order.

All freebie offers are subject to availability. We do our best to keep this list current and try as much as possible to assist customers with special needs and circumstances. Please call or email to order. 

*We've highlighted some items that we have a lot of or that are expiring soon


Clear Care contact lens case (with Catalyst)
Clear vinyl zipper bag (8" x 9" gusseted) - used in our Scleral Lens Travel kits, each has a little bit of dye transferred on the plastic. Good for scleral supplies.
Unique pH 2.5 oz

EZI Lens Applicator Ring for mini sclerals/hybrids (XL size)
Contact lens case (2 pack) 
Addipack Saline
Tangible Clean 12 oz
Progent Large Diameter case (do NOT use with Clear Care solution) 



Child size Eye Eco Tranquileyes straps (discontinued)
Post LASIK Goggle (clear)
Solo shield
Visitec Eye Bubble
Pressure patch
Mepitac soft silicone tape (0.8inx3.3yd) 



WeLoveEyes Tea Trea eyelid and eyelash foaming cleanser
WeLoveEyes Eyelid Margin Cleaning brush

Optase Eyelid Cleaning Gel tea tree 



Muro 128 Opthalmic Solution (not Ointment)
Alaway preservative free (5 individual use vials)
Oasis Tears Plus PF (5 vials) sample
Oasis Tears PF (5 vials) sample

Oasis Tears PF multidose sample bottle
Retaine HPMC
Simple Touch applicator

Retaine PM



7Eye Zipper Case
Commander I Clear
Evader II Clear
Post Lasik Shield
Post Lasik Goggle - clear
Outfitter Over Rx glasses - clear
Onion Goggles - pink
Wiley X Climate Control Replacement - Enzo Gen2
Ziena Marina replacement eyecup (frost)
Ziena Marina replacement eyecup (black)
Ziena Verona replacement eyecup (frost)

*Some Ziena moisture chamber glasses available