Local sources


What can I buy locally?

Many of the products we sell are not available locally, but some are! Buying local is a great way to go for many of you. Here are some tips for what you might be able to find close to home:

Eye Eco products: Many eye doctors stock some of the Eye Eco goggles (i.e. Tranquileyes, Onyix and Quartz). The manufacturer has a dealer locator here.

Contact lens solutions: Most of the contact lens solutions we stock are available in at least some drugstores, EXCEPT the preservative-free saline solutions, which are not sold in drugstores.

"Lid scrubs": Several of the Ocusoft lid cleansing products are available in drugstores. 

Eye drops, gels and ointments: All of the eyedrops we carry are available in drugstores except the Oasis product line.

Tapes: Micropore paper tape and NexCare Sensitive Skin Silicone Tape (that's the drugstore name for the one we have listed as Kind Removal) are available in most drugstores.