Rebuttal to allegations of anti-competitive behavior by a biologic eye drop manufacturer

The Dry Eye Shop has been made aware that a Florida-based manufacturer of biologic eye drops is spreading allegations that we, in order to promote a competing product, are somehow using the Dry Eye Foundation as a cover to wage a campaign against biologic eye drops.

These claims are false.

  1. The Dry Eye Shop does not sell, has never sold, and has never considered selling any biologic eye drop (made from human reproductive materials).
  2. All lubricant eye drops sold by the Dry Eye Shop are over-the-counter lubricants which are in common commercial distribution and are readily available from other retailers. We have no proprietary or private-label eye drops of any kind.
  3. The Dry Eye Shop is a commercial enterprise which has no affiliation with the Dry Eye Foundation, which is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation. While Dry Eye Shop staff frequently refers customers to the Foundation for information, support groups and other resources, this is a one-way referral process; the Dry Eye Foundation never refers people to the Dry Eye Shop.

These allegations are part of a smear campaign against the Dry Eye Foundation by the manufacturers of illegally marketed biologic eye drops in order to distract from their well-documented failures to comply with FDA regulatory requirements.

We strongly recommend that you:

  • Do your own research about biologic eye drops, and
  • Call the FDA with any questions at 800-835-4709 option 1.