Rice Baggy Kit: Instructions for Use

Kit contents

  • Rice Baggy
  • Slipcover
  • Travel Sack 


  1. Place the Rice Baggy (without the slipcover) in the microwave. Heating time varies greatly depending on your microwave – anywhere from 25 seconds to over a minute. You will have to experiment with this a bit to determine how long is the optimal time to heat your Rice Baggy. We suggest starting at about 30-35 seconds (less for the Mini). 
  2. Remove Rice Baggy and test by holding it against the inside of your wrist, then against your lids. It should be warm but not hot. DO NOT OVERHEAT. 
  3. Place it inside the slipcover, sit or lie down and place it over your eyes. Leave in place for 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if desired or as directed by your doctor. 
  4. Some people like to do lid massage afterwards in order to express meibum. Please do this only if you have instructions and a demonstration from your doctor. 


  • An ideal time for a compress is just before bed. 
  • For moister heat, place a glass of water in the microwave next to it. 
  • For a soothing cool compress on a ‘bad eye day’, try freezing your Rice Baggy. 
  • Got an idea? Please share your Rice Baggy ideas with us via a product review at 
dryeyeshop.com or in our forums at DryEyeTalk. 
  • Your rice baggy slipcover can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water. To 
avoid shrinkage do not machine dry. 
  • Rice getting old and musty? You can purchase a replacement baggy in the Dry Eye 
Shop, or replace the rice yourself by taking out the end seam, emptying it, washing and drying it, refilling with rice (remember not to pack it! Must be loose!) and sewing it back up. 


  • Always consult your eye doctor about the appropriate use of heat on your eyes, especially if you suffer from chronic dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, ocular rosacea or related conditions. 
  • Do not overheat a rice baggy. This poses serious risk of burning eyelids and even the corneas. Always test carefully. Even if not hot enough to cause burning, too much heat is counterproductive as it will irritate the lids. 
  • Do not overuse a rice baggy. Consult your doctor about frequency and duration of use.
  • Some users experience blurred vision after a compress. This may be related to the 
weight of the rice pressing on the cornea and temporarily changing its refraction. It 
may last up to an hour or two. 
  • If you experience any unpleasant effects from a warm compress, please discontinue 
immediately and consult your doctor.