This pink rhody was beckoning to me from in the corner of the parking lot I sometimes walk laps in while waiting for my laundry. From a distance there was nothing special about it but once got close enough to really look at it I was mesmerized.

On Mother's Day, Chaidie sent me sweet messages from Taipei and Panos took me out to breakfast. Since there was (as one expects on Mother's Day) a bit of a wait, I enjoyed the intense colors in a planted bed just outside. 

I can't quite remember where I took this next one but it was a swaying tree full of mostly buds ready to burst.

Panos and I took a walk at Dungeness Spit in Sequim on Sunday afternoon when it was unusually blustery and surf was pounding the normally very calm beach. On the way back to the parking lot there were some wonderful swirling shadows all along the way from the sun peeking through moving foliage.

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