Alderbook Lodge and Union, WA

I was intent on taking advantage of the clear weather this weekend! I took a 45-minute drive out to the Alderbrook Lodge to hike some of the trails and wait for the sunset. 

View from the dock a the lodge: 

A ways up the trail: 

At the golf course at the very top of the hill: 

On the way back down:


Looking North towards the Olympics and Hood Canal from the side of the road: 

Not pictured: the beautiful purple sky and reflection after the sun set. I'd stopped the car enough times to just enjoy the view on the drive back. 

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  • Thanks so much. I enjoyed being a tourist by way of my lap blanket and comfy recliner 🤭

    Melanie on
  • Loved the photos. You live in such a scenic area. Happy that you went for a hike. Thx for posting pictures!!!

    Phyllis Barnett on
  • Absolutely fabulous photos.
    Please do more of these.
    So interesting to see non touristy attractions in USA.

    Zenre on

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