Hard times and help

I know that many of you are currently facing - at best - great uncertainty about the future. There are already many layoffs going on and of course small business owners everywhere are under tremendous pressures, which may affect you in any number of ways. Furthermore, many of you cannot get to your eye doctors because they have had to stop seeing anyone except emergent patients.

At the dry eye shop we live for our community and delight in finding small ways within our means to help. Right now, we're scrambling to deal with many practical challenges, but at the same time thinking of how we'll be able to help in the coming months. In the meantime....

Need help?

Here are some things we can offer - don't hesitate to ask about:

  • Corporate donations: Sometimes we get donations of scleral lens solutions (salines, cleaners, etc) that are getting close to their expiration. We can send these to you for the cost of shipping only, and can subsidize shipping if necessary. You can also ask your doctor if it's okay to use any after the expiration and if so, for how long.
  • Freebie shelf: We have a large shelf full of products that may have been damaged in transit, or returned (still sealed), or donated (gently used, for example in the case of dry eye glasses). We used to list these in a corner of the site but haven't had time to keep it up lately. Don't hesitate to ask in case we have something that's a good match for your needs.
  • Pay by check: We've always had a pay by check policy. For existing customers, we send products out with an invoice when asked. If you're running low on something but might need a little extra time to pay, you can opt for this. 

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