If you need to be mean, could you do it on Tuesday?

If you’re reading this, either in KeratoScoop or on the Dry Eye Shop blog, I can almost guarantee you’re a super-involved customer. Maybe you’ve been with us for forever and have read the site top to bottom (or even read the forums, Dry Eye Zone, etc.). Hopefully you've had the chance to talk to Rebecca over the phone, hey, maybe you've even submitted your dry eye story.  We know our services are unique and really treasure the personal connections we make with our customers. After working here for the last two months, I’ve really come to love answering the phones. 

Last week was particularly rough though—in terms of call volume, complex followup, and all the mistakes everyone in the office seems to have made. It was The Monday from Hell. 

I have a pretty high pain tolerance doing customer service (and I think I could count the number of unhappy customers I’ve had in the past two months on two hands). But there was one particular call last Monday that temporarily shut down the office so we could have a chat. I can't know your pain, how your eyes might be bothering you on that day, or what else might be out of your control on that particular day. Knowing what our customers are going through on a daily basis--realizing that we all have bad days and lash out because we have been hurt or cannot control our circumstances at least gives me perspective. It's what keeps this an isolated incident. 

So, please, at the very least, if you’re going to be mean, don’t do it on a Monday. 

If you’re going to insult any of our staff or make our hearts speed up and hands shake, at least save it for Tuesday

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  • Hi Jamie,

    Thanks so much for your kind words :) Just noticed you had left a comment. It’s all water under the bridge, it’s an unfortunate reality of customer service to be treated poorly. But the same message remains: we’re trying our hardest and really are here to help. After my stint in customer service I have no reservations saying we have the most amazing customers. Most of you make my job so easy!

    I was glad to hear things are going well at the Shop while I’m away :)

    Aidan on
  • Sorry for the way that customer used you to vent their own stuff onto Aidan. I have always appreciated Rebecca and her staff and tell countless others what a wonderful asset you all are to have when we ourselves are in a flared-up, sad state with our severe dry eye issues.

    It’s funny, I had just hung up with my 25 year old daughter who just this week began working as an RN. She’s gone from being thrilled to have passed the board exams and thrilled to get the job she wanted, to uh-oh, patients can be bears! So hard remaining unflappable when it comes to being treated poorly/rudely by another person. Especially when you’re trying to HELP. Stay strong, we love having you there. Personally, I just got through one of my toughest episodes of a non-healing corneal abrasion. It’s been 2 1/2 months and I finally had the bandage contact lens removed today….aaaamen!

    Jamie Thayer on

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