International shipping update

Hello to all our international customers!

No doubt about it, this is a difficult time to be receiving international shipments. There are so many issues, delays, complications, and more than anything else, constant change. We are doing our best to respond to it all and get people what they need.


We have temporarily stopped offering ALL USPS international shipping methods. 

USPS has experienced discontinuation of services to certain countries and 4-6 week delays to others due to inadequate air servicing. We have been finding that the service alerts have not been keeping up with the realities. 


We offer DHL to all countries where it is available. DHL is experiencing delays to many countries. We cannot guarantee the timing of your shipment. Thus far, we have not had any serious issues with DHL - knock on wood! This is the only option we are currently able to offer to our international customers. Please note that fees payable upon delivery of your order may be higher than with USPS due to brokerage fees.

This is temporary

The world will go on... but in the short term, shipping is going to be expensive. We're sorry :( :( Wish we could offer better!

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