Lobob backorder updates

Lobob ESC and Sof/Pro2 are finally both back in stock!

We have experienced regularly occurring shortages of both these products in the past 18 months. I encourage all regular users of these two excellent products to stock up when it is available, because availability has been so unpredictable. 

For those who are not familiar with these two products, they are both pretty much the best "rub" type cleaners you can use for scleral lenses that are NOT coated with Hydra PEG. If you have intact Hydra PEG coating, you cannot use any alcohol-containing cleaners - stick with Lobob CDS, Unique pH or (if necessary) Boston Simplus

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  • lobob sof/pro2 are back in stock -says on your site, yet it does not let me order. Why?

    Yaeko Childers on

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