NPR interview on ointment shortage and impact on dry eye patients

Shortage Of Dry-Eye Drug Leaves Sufferers Scrambling To Ease Pain

I decided to post my interview with NPR here because I've had so many emails about it that I need a place to share responses with everyone! Many people are contact us to share their ideas and remedies.

Listen to interview or read summary article

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  • I don’t have dry eye but I have experienced the pain (the description of barbed wire was spot-on). My pain is caused by the injections I get for wet macular degeneration. Nothing helped, even oxycotin. I finally went to a local pot shop (I’m lucky that I live in Colorado), described my issue, and was sold an ounce of a strain called Harlequin , low THC, high CBD. I’ve only had to use it once (my reaction is unpredictable and intermittent). and it totally worked. So I offer my experience as a possible treatment. BTW, it’s in smokeable form, for a fast delivery.

    Roxanne Morris on

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