Which cleaners are compatible with Hydra PEG?

Those of you using scleral lenses with Hydra PEG coating, this is just a reminder for you to check that you are using cleaning solutions that are compatible with it so that it doesn't get stripped prematurely! When you run out of a solution, it's all too easy to make a substitution, especially if what has been recommended isn't sold at your local drugstore! 

[EDITED: Contamac seem to have removed the pdf guide from their site that had all this information]

Here's the advice from Tangible Science, though not quite so detailed and only US:



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  • Hi Roxanne – sorry I didn’t see your note (you can get quicker answers posting in the Q&A on individual products or just emailing service@dryeyeshop.com).

    Rewetting drops… There’s all the actual products labeled as rewetting drops for RGPs of course. We don’t sell any of those because we don’t sell drops with preservatives. An awful lot of scleral lens users just use preservative free artificial tears. None of those are labeled for contact lens use, so that’s an ‘off-label’ use technically, and it’s best to get your doctor’s advice if they have any concerns about which specific ones. It’s generally best to avoid any that contain oils as they may leave residue on the lenses. Otherwise it’s usually down to what’s most comfortable. The thicker the drop, the less comfortable on the lens and the more it may blur vision.

    Rebecca on
  • Hi! What rewetting drops can be used with these special type of lenses? Thank you!

    Roxanne on

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