Will the real Boston Sight please raise their hand?

It's confusing.

Yes, it's very easy to get confused about what people mean when they refer to Boston Sight in a scleral lens context.

Some people say they went to Boston Sight for their sclerals.

Some people say they wear BostonSight sclerals, or have sclerals from Boston Sight, or have BostonSight lenses but not from Boston.

Then there are twenty or so variations on this theme with slightly different wording. Half the time, it's a complete crapshoot whether they are talking about the same or different things.

Let's keep it simple.

Sort of (snicker).

 BostonSight BostonSight PROSE BostonSight SCLERAL

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation based in Needham MA.

BostonSight manufactures both BostonSight PROSE and BostonSight SCLERAL lenses.

BostonSight is also the original clinic where BostonSight PROSE are fitted.

Prosthetic devices (also known as scleral lenses) designed and fitted exclusively by PROSE providers (in a limited number of locations like Maryland, New York, Houston, Illinois and California) and manufacturerd by BostonSight.

PROSE is an acronym for Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem. Properly, this name refers to the entire treatment process, not just the devices (lenses).

A brand of scleral lenses available to optometry practices to purchase and fit in their practices as they might any other brand of scleral lenses. 

These lenses are manufactured BY BostonSight, but they are not necessarily the lenses people go TO BostonSight to be fitted for.

ANOTHER NAME for the same thing:

Boston Foundation for Sight

OTHER NAMES for the same thing:

  • Boston sclerals
  • BOS-P (Boston Ocular Surface Prosthetic)
  • Boston scleral lens prosthetic devices

Plus one or two colloquialisms used by patients over the years but let's not go too far overboard.


OTHER NAMES for the same thing:

None yet, I hope! Let's try and keep it that way.


What's the problem?

Nothing to see here, really.

It's just that in our Facebook group, when veteran "BostonSight PROSE" users (who know their lenses as Boston sclerals) get talking to new "BostonSight SCLERAL" users (who know their lenses as Boston sclerals), confusion ensues, and linguistically fastidious commentators like me get tempted to, well, commentate.

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