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EyeLocc Eyelid Occlusion Dressing (Box of 50 pairs)

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    About EyeLocc

    • Convenient way to seal eyelids down at night
    • Economical
    • Package of 50 pairs
    • Sample pack of 5 available
    • Product dimensions: 8.8 cm x 3.8 cm (3.46" x 1.5") at tallest and widest

    Try a pair or two before you buy a box

    While EyeLocc is often better than regular medical tapes, some people cannot tolerate the adhesive. Please consider purchasing the sample pack first before you get a whole box, so that you don't get stuck with a lot of unused product if it doesn't work out for you. Please scroll down for safety information.

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Updated November 2020

    As has so often been the case at the Dry Eye Shop, I was put wise to this product by a customer who had come across it, tried it and liked it (you know who you are... thank you again!). We first began stocking it in 2017.

    EyeLocc is designed for sealing lids of patients under general anaesthesia during surgery, and is a very practical alternative to using medical tape. I really like the tabs it has at the sides which make it much easier to get a grip on it to remove it easily - especially if you have to take one off during the night to get around. And just being clearly designed for the eye's shape makes it more user-friendly than medical tape. Best, the window part in the center has a gentler adhesive than the rest so that the most sensitive skin affected is not exposed to the stronger adhesive of the outer part. This is also a bonus for those with brittle lashes that are easily pulled out by conventional tapes.

    EyeLocc has been helpful to many users for a number of reasons:

    • It's a user-friendly alternative to taping the lids down. EyeLocc is easier to apply and remove.
    • It's reasonably priced, compared (for example) to disposable moisture chamber patches. EyeLocc does not vault the eye like the bubbles, but it does secure the lids.
    • People who, due to their orbital bone structure, have difficulty securing the lid down with tape, sometimes have better success with EyeLocc.
    • People with brittle eyelashes due to chronic blepharitis/MGD find that it is much easier on the lashes during removal, because the window part of the strip has a very light adhesive. 
    • People who cannot tolerate adhesive on their eyelids sometimes find that they tolerate EyeLocc better as most of the area covering the lid is under the 'window'.

    Broadly speaking, I think this is a good user-friendly entry-level product for people who have never taped a lid down but who have reason to believe taping would benefit them, such as people with nocturnal lagophthalmos and RCE patients who need to immobilize the lids to prevent erosions.


    • Height. it isn't very tall, so some people with large eyes and large orbits may not find it adequate.
    • Ointment users: Ointment users may find that after they lift it, they have trouble sticking it back down if the ointment has seeped onto the skin under where the strip goes.
    • Adhesive: People vary greatly in their adhesive tolerance around the eye area! We make no promises about this, and we encourage you to use the sample pack rather than purchasing a whole box.

    Important safety note!

    Under normal circumstances, adhesive on tapes or strips like this should not come off the strip and remain on your skin. But it *can* happen, and if it does, it can be very uncomfortable as well as difficult to remove. If you experience any adhesive from EyeLocc strips remaining on the skin, please let us know, but most importantly, please be careful what you use to remove it. The manufacturer recommends any edible oil (we suggest coconut oil). Never use solvents on or near your eyes. Don't attempt to remove it with water or alcohol. Further, please let us know if you feel you have experienced any irritation or problem from the adhesive beyond what you may have experienced from other conventional tapes/adhesives.

    Some time back, we had a small number of customer reports about adhesive transferring to the skin. For a few of them, it was an extremely unpleasant experience and we stopped selling the product for some months while it was investigated. (The manufacturer was unable to identify any defect; we discarded the remainder of the lot and eventually resumed sales as we had so many customers who wanted it.)

    In November 2020, we have had one more report of this happening. We are working with the manufacturer to see what can be done, just as we did last year. Meantime, we are reluctant to withdraw the product because we have so many people who need it and are aware of the risk, but we urge anyone concerned to simply not use this product. (We will send a return label and refund the purchase for anyone who wishes to return theirs.)

    The manufacturer is, at our request, working on developing a new version with a completely different and gentler type of adhesive. I will continue to update this page with any changes.

    Description (manufacturer's)

    What is EyeLocc™?

    The EyeLocc™ is a unique dressing specifically designed for eyelid occlusion during general anaesthesia.

    It provides quick, complete, and safe eye closure. This ensures that the eye maintains its moisture throughout the procedure, and is protected from external harm.

    The EyeLocc™ has many benefits, including:
    • Saves theatre time
    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Sterile to combat cross-contamination and spread of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA/VRE
    • Hypoallergenic and latex free
    • Helps prevent complications such as exposure keratitis and corneal abrasions
    • Inner clear window allows for intraoperative monitoring of the eye
    • Made from flexible material that conforms completely to the eye socked leaving no gaps.
    • Multizone adhesive ensures it stays in place for long periods of time, while preventing eyelid tearing and bruising upon removal

    Why is EyeLocc™ the better choice?

    Sterile and individually wrapped, the EyeLocc™ significantly decreases application and removal time, and the risk of cross-contamination.

    An inner clear window allows for intraoperative monitoring of eye closure, while an outer opaque border assists with correct placement of the dressing.

    The dressing is extremely flexible, making it conform perfectly to the eye socket leaving no gaps.

    The inner window section has gentle adhesive, preventing eyelid trauma and removal of eyelashes, while ensuring the eye remains closed throughout the procedure.

    The outer section has stronger adhesive, completely sealing the eye, protecting from air, chemicals, and foreign materials. It also maintains eye closure for extended periods of time.

    Non-adhesive tabs allow for easy application and removal, even with gloved hands.

    Label Information


    • EyeLocc™ is designed to hold eyes closed during general anaesthesia.


    • EyeLocc™ alone is not sufficient for protection from intraocular hypertension when patient is in the prone position.
    • EyeLocc™ must only be applied to closed eyes. Applying EyeLocc™ to an open eye may result in corneal trauma.
    • Do not use if packaging is damaged.

    Usage Instructions

    • EyeLocc™ should be applied immediately AFTER induction of anaesthesia. It is best to ensure EyeLocc™ is applied before any action that involves a heightened risk of corneal trauma, such as insertion of a mechanical airway, preparation of the surgical area, or application of surgical drapes.
    • Ensure the EyeLocc™ is removed before patient is able to open eyes naturally to avoid acute patient distress.

    Steps for application: 

    • Open the packaging, from the end marked "Peel from this end".
    • Note that there are two identical EyeLocc™s in each package, and either EyeLocc™ can be used on either of the patient's eyes.
    • Remove middle portion of backing material.
    • Hold on to the non-stick tabs, one in each hand.
    • Place the EyeLocc™ over the closed eye so the eyelashes and majority of the upper eyelid can be seen through the clear centre viewing window.
    • Ensure that the EyeLocc™ has made a tight seal with the eye socket and there are no gaps between the EyeLocc™ and the skin.
    • Repeat with the second EyeLocc™.
    • To remove the EyeLocc™, gently peel it off from the medial to the lateral corner of the eye, using the non-stick tabs.
    • Dispose of the EyeLocc™s. The dressings are not intended for multiple applications.


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    Ease of Use
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5
    8 Reviews
    Reviewed by Diane C., from United States
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    51 - 60
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    Systemic diseases/conditions related to eye issues
    • Facial paralysis
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Review posted

    Bell's Palsy - the ONLY product that WORKS!

    My husband was stricken with grade VI Bell's Palsy on 9-11-20 and he is very particular about...ok, I'll just say it, he's VERY fussy in general, but now with total right side paralysis was a whole different ball game. Yes, this was definitely 'testing' the strength of our marriage as I was on the brunt of his anger, frustration, disappointment, and defeat of finding ANYTHING that would work to keep his eye closed and be comfortable with his eyeglasses. We've spent close to $100 on all kinds of tape, I've worked at sewing a padded eye patch with extra padding, bought this dressing, that dressing, non-stick sterile pads and I was on the very of telling him to use Duct Tape and leave it closed I was so frustrated!! Then I came across The Dry Eye Shop, looking for a patch that he could use during the day and something to keep it locked closed at night. After speaking with Rebecca, she advised to get the Tranquileyes replacement foam pads that he could put under a patch (OH MY!!! These things are so soft and cushy that I could consider wearing a mask like this!! Memory foam pads, heck yeah!!), and suggested the EyeLoc strips. I had seen them on the internet in other places - bypassed them because I thought it was all 'hype'. It is NOT hype!!! I ordered the trial pack first, and the first time I put one of these on his eye, you could see the tension release in his shoulders. He raved about them for days and he's able to shower with it on to keep any soap out of his eyes…

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5
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    Reviewed by Wendi
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Review posted

    Only taping method that worked for me

    Bell's Palsy has left me with facial paralysis and the need to protect my eye while I sleep. I had tried several different taping methods and every tape imaginable, but all had unacceptable drawbacks and my skin was getting sore and irritated and I dreaded going to bed. After watching Rebecca's video, I decided to give the EyeLoccs a try. Last night was my best night's sleep since my diagnosis! I didn't need to put more drops or gel in during the night and was able to sleep on my side and stomach. I barely noticed there was anything on my eye.

    One thing that helped me while using the patch was to make sure my eyelid was clean and dry. Nighttime gel gets on my lashes, so they don't stick to the tape, which is a bonus. The adhesive that covers the center part of the patch is very gentle but enough to keep your eye closed. The outer-edge adhesive is stronger, but it's such a thin line, it isn't hard to get off if you go slowly and pull the skin away from the tape.

    Although I have ordered some of the night goggles to try, I can imagine still using the EyeLoccs when I go to the dentist or when my eye is just being finicky and I need to keep it closed for a while. I am so pleased these worked for me, it makes me want to cry, which is one of the things my paralyzed side can still do!

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    Reviewed by Laura
    Verified Buyer
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    Rated 5 out of 5
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    Please never run out of these again! These are the best, only things that have ever helped me. My eyes stay completely open when I sleep due to a neurological issue. It is very hard to tape them shut as all the tissue around my eyes has atrophied away and there is nothing but orbital bone to attach the tape to, so tape ends up vaulting over the eye and doing me no good.

    These keep my eyes shut and allow me to sleep without waking with terrible eye pain and irritation. They are also so easy to use with just the right amount of adhesion.

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    Reviewed by Donna
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5
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    I've used and LOVED EyeLocc for many months.They WORK! In the past I've awakened with corneal abrasions even when I used Refresh PM ointment because one eye doesn't close completely. I've read that some people don't like the adhesive because it's too "strong". I had that problem at first but I solved it by taking each EyeLocc and putting it on the back of my hand FIRST once or twice (depending on how easily/difficult it is to pull off) and then putting it on my eyelid. It removes some of the stickiness but still holds tight all night. I also use a night cream and sometimes bring it up to around the eye area (very light application), which makes the EyeLocc adhesive less strong, but my first 'solution' is better because if you put too much cream around the eye, the EyeLocc won't stick. I've not had a single corneal abrasion (they HURT) since I started using EyeLocc.

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    Reviewed by MICHELLE
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    Best Ever!!

    This is my second review for this product. I typically don’t write reviews but this product is amazing. Even better now that it’s a bit larger. I have logophthalmos (weak eye closure) so it’s necessary to cover my eye at night after my AN surgery. I have been covering my eye for 10 years and this is by far the best product I’ve ever tried. I use a little lacilube and apply. It stays well all night and is easy to remove in the morning. I can have my ceiling fan on without any worry of my eye drying out. I love the see through window that lets in the morning light. It is so comfortable I often forget I have my eye covered. That’s the best feeling ever.

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