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Ortolux Air (Vented)

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    About Ortolux (Vented)

    • Clear, self-adhesive bubble eye bandage
    • Available in two sizes
    • Single use
    • Available individually or in boxes of 20

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Please see Ortolux Eye Bubble for a complete product description - that one is the sealed chamber, equivalent to NITEYE.

    This one is the "Air" version of Ortolux, which has 5 tiny vent holes. These vent holes are significantly smaller than tape-on post surgical shields, so it would probably do quite a bit more towards increasing humidity around the eyes without being airtight. 

    "Eye Bubble" (moisture chamber) vs. "Air" (vented)

    These two Ortolux products are identical except for the vent holes. Check with your doctor about what's most appropriate for you. Often people who are purchasing these items are doing so specifically on doctor's advice but make sure you know whether they want you using something airtight or not. 

    User tip

    The adhesive on these is pretty rough on the skin! One of my customers had the bright idea to use their own medical tape under the adhesive flange on this to prevent the inevitable skin irritation strong adhesive produce. Great idea for a way to make this more user friendly... especially since it is the only patch of its kind that in my experience will fit under glasses.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    Clear, polycarbonate vented eye shield with latex-free adhesive edge, no need for separate tape. Universal, for left and right eye.
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