Ortolux Eye Bubble (Moisture Chamber)

Ortolux Eye Bubble (Moisture Chamber)

  • $3.25

About Ortolux Eye Bubble (Moisture Chamber)

    • Clear, self-adhesive
    • Bubble eye bandage
    • Single use
    • Sizes: 3-3/4" x 2-9/16" (small), 4-3/8" x 3-1/8" (large)

Description (by Rebecca)

I dislike the adhesive on Ortolux compared with NITEYE - I feel it's rougher on the skin (well, they all are, I suppose, but this is worse). 

However, in all other respects, it's a better product. It comes in two sizes. It's considerably lower profile than NITEYE - doesn't protrude so much. So, for example, if you need this during the day (Bell's palsy, AN, etc) and need to wear it under glasses, the Ortolux Eye Bubble is much more likely to fit... the NITEYE bubbles vault too high. But for night use, consider NITEYE and others before making your choice.

User tip:

One of my customers had the bright idea to use their own medical tape under the adhesive flange on this to prevent the inevitable skin irritation strong adhesive produce. Great idea for a way to make this more user friendly... especially since it is the only patch of its kind that in my experience will fit under glasses.

Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

Clear dome for clear central vision with latex-free adhesive edge. Helps to prevent the cornea from drying out. Ideal product for patients with Bell's Palsy.