FAQ: Delivery troubleshooting

My order hasn't arrived. What do I do?

(You can, of course, call or email while you're upset, and lambast us for things that we have absolutely no control over. We'll try our best to patiently while your temper burns itself out, then we'll get down to brass tacks. Or you can be nice, and we'll get there even faster.)

1. Check the tracker.

Use the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email, log into your account to find it, or give us a call and we can track it. If the tracker says your package was delivered, continue:

2. Check the shipping address.

Typos happen. Please check the address on your order confirmation just to make sure it was correct.

3. Don't wait!

USPS (or UPS SurePost)? If your package is being delivered by the post office, waiting is a liability. Packages are occasionally misdelivered. Changes of recovering the package drop rapidly the more time goes by.

In case of a USPS misdelivery:

  • Check with neighbors if possible, and the manager's office if you're in an apartment.
  • CALL the PO. If the tracker says "Delivered" but it wasn't, please call your post office immediately. (If you call us, we'll either ask you to or we'll do it for you.) The recovery process for a package reported to USPS as lost will not help you because it takes weeks. Your best hope of getting that package quickly is talking to either the carrier or the postmaster. If despite best efforts a mis

UPS next day, second day, 3 day, ground:

  • Guarantees: These services have guaranteed timing. With some exceptions, e.g. weather related delays, your shipping can be refunded if your order didn't arrive on time. Let us know, and we'll take care of it.
  • Misdeliveries: If the tracker says delivered, but you did not receive it, please check with neighbors if possible, and the manager's office if you're in an apartment. Calling UPS doesn't tend to yield much more information or help than what's on the tracker, though you're welcome to try. Most importantly though please let us know right away and we'll see what better help we can get through their preferred customer service.

Desperate? Call us! We will replace your package if necessary. Please realize though that we're a small company, and while we are happy to do this whenever necessary, it comes at a high cost to us so we just ask that you allow a little time for reasonable measures to be taken for recovery of missing packages.

Order arrived, but something's wrong?

Got someone else's package? Wrong item, wrong size, wrong color? 

  1. Check your invoice, just to make sure that the right thing was ordered. (Mistakes do happen sometimes.)
  2. If we sent the wrong thing, we are SO SORRY. Please call or email right away and we'll take care of it. We'll send the right item(s) and a label to return anything missent.