FAQ: Delivery troubleshooting

My order hasn't arrived. What do I do?

Check the tracking

Use the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email or contact us and we can track it for you.

Is it late?

Our Shipping Guide has a table showing expected delivery days.

If the normal 'delivery window' for your chosen delivery service has passed, please contact us for help to track it down or replace it if necessary.

What if tracking says "Delivered" but it hasn't arrived?

Let us know right away if you have not received a package that is marked "Delivered". We'll help you with next steps. 

Here's some basic troubleshooting tips in the meantime: 

  • The package is somewhere you haven't looked yet. (Porch? Mailbox? Driveway?)
  • A member of the household already brought it inside. (Happens a lot.)
  • The package was delivered e.g. to a neighbor by accident. This is rare due to use of GPS confirmation at time of delivery but it can happen on USPS deliveries, so it's worth waiting a day or two or checking with neighbors.
  • The package was addressed incorrectly. Please check the order confirmation.
  • The package was stolen.

What if tracking is just all screwed up?

Yes, it can happen. A USPS shipment going from Washington to Colorado ends up in Tennessee. Or your Fedex tracking says "Pending" for days on end.

Please contact us right away if you see problems on the tracking, and we'll work with you on next teps.

    My order arrived late. Will you refund shipping?

    As of February 2022, we do not guarantee timing on any shipping services except FedEx Overnight as the providers themselves do not offer timing guarantees.

    Can I get a replacement shipment?

    Don't worry, we will replace your order if there has been a delivery service failure that can't be rectified. We just ask that you allow a little time for reasonable measures to be taken for recovery of missing packages, but don't worry, if you have an urgent need we will do everything we can. 

      Order arrived, but something's wrong?

      Received someone else's package? Wrong item, wrong size, wrong color? 

      1. Check your invoice, just to make sure that the right thing was ordered. (Mistakes do happen sometimes.)
      2. If we sent the wrong thing, we are SO SORRY. Please contact us right away and we'll take care of it. We'll send the right item(s) and a label to return anything sent to you in error.