Financial Transparency Statement

The Dry Eye Shop is an independent retail business. Our revenue is derived entirely from retail sales at

We do not accept any third party incentives to promote products. When asked for recommendations, we are committed to understanding your needs and suggesting the product(s) we feel are most likely to meet those needs without respect to company gain. This includes referring you to other companies when appropriate.

Doctors who refer patients to the Dry Eye Shop do not receive any incentive to do so. We do not run any type of affiliate or referral program. We encourage all dry eye patients to expect financial transparency from anyone who recommends products to you.

Dry Eye Shop is not affiliated with nonprofit Dry Eye Foundation (DEF). We are delighted to raise awareness of DEF's resources for our readers, but this is a one way street. DEF does not promote, refer or link to the Dry Eye Shop or its products. Dry Eye Shop offers an opportunity to donate to DEF during checkout. All funds that we collect this way are totaled and remitted to DEF by check on a weekly basis. Click here for more information.