Product selection tips for PROSE & scleral supplies

What do I need?

Note: Not everyone needs all of these items, but this is an example of good practice with PROSE and scleral lenses. Consult your lens provider for specifics on what you need.

  • HELPFUL: Hand soap that is free of moisturizers
  • MUST: Preservative-free saline for rinsing and filling
  • MAYBE: Preservative-free artificial tear to supplement the saline in the bowl of the lens.
  • MUST: "Plungers" for inserting and removing your lenses. Some people can use fingers for insertion, but almost everyone needs plungers for removal.
  • MAYBE: Digital ("rub" type) cleaner for removing any debris, mucous or buildup before disinfection. Not everyone uses these, but those with the most diseased eyes tend to need them the most.
  • MUST: Overnight disinfection solution. All contact lenses require disinfection after every use. 
  • MAYBE: PROSE disinfection case IF using ClearCare and if your lenses are too large for the case included with ClearCare
  • MAYBE: Weekly enzyme cleaner (for some users) or periodic Progent cleaning - but NOT if you have Hydra PEG coated lenses.

Soap (helpful)

Oils or moisturizers will transfer from your hands to your lenses, where they can attract debris and cloud your vision. Use only moisturizer-free soap. We recommend Ocusoft.

Preservative free saline (MUST)

Never use anything with preservatives to fill your PROSE or scleral lenses. Consult your lens provider about the specific saline they want you to use. Click here for a detailed list if you wish to discuss options with your doctor.

Preservative free artificial tear (maybe)

This is just for some users. People who have problems with chronic fogging and/or chronic discomfort with normal PF saline often benefit from adding some drops of Refresh Celluvisc or another artificial tear. Ask your doctor. 

Insertion plungers (probably)

  • Depending on your lens size, you may be able to use fingers instead.
  • DMV Scleral Cup is the most widely used insertion plunger.
  • Some providers prefer the DMV Vented Scleral Cup (designed for hybrid lenses).
  • EZI Lens Applicator Ring is helpful for some users, especially those with arthritis or other manual dexterity issues interfering with gripping a plunger.
  • Dalsey Adaptives lighted insertion stand and related products are valuable tools for many users as well.

Removal plungers (MUST)

  • DMV Ultra is the most commonly used.
  • DMV 45 is handy for some users as you approach the eye at an angle rather than straight on.
  • Emergency kits are handy and cheap, to help avoid finding yourself without a plunger when you need one.

Daily "rub" cleaners (maybe)

  • Make sure to use a daily rub cleaner if your doctor recommended it. 
  • Do not confuse cleaning with disinfection! 
  • Make sure your cleaner is compatible with your lens type! Plasma treated lenses and Hydra PEG coated lenses have different requirements. 
  • If your provider did not recommend a daily cleaner, but you are having issues with comfort, clarity, fogging or mucous build-up, talk to your doctor about the possibility of starting on a daily cleaner as this improves lens performance for many users with such issues. Make sure to get a specific recommendation that is compatible with your lensss.

Overnight disinfection (MUST)

All lenses need disinfection after use. This is not the same as using a cleaner.

We stock several in order to keep everyone happy, but if you ask us, we will always recommend Clear Care because it is preservative free and we know so many patients whose lens performance has improved after switching. NOTE: If you are purchasing Clear Care elsewhere, make sure you get the original version, NOT the "Clear Care Plus" version, which causes issues for some users. We only stock the original here.

If you're using ClearCare and your lenses are larger than 15.5mm, chances are you will need the PROSE Disinfection Case which is large enough to safely accommodate scleral lenses of all sizes. You will need to transfer the platinum catalyst disc from the Clear Care case into the PROSE case (where it will float in the peroxide). Beware: The PROSE case is a huge peroxide hog.

Weekly or other cleaners (maybe)

Some users have persistent lens protein or other buildup issues and benefit from a weekly enzyme cleaner or from Progent cleaner (the latter is not sold here - talk to your lens care provider about it). Beware - enzyme cleaners cannot be used on Hydra PEG coated lenses.

Other stuff? (maybe)

You may want a conventional contact lens case to store your lenses in when not using or disinfecting. Check with your provider about the best way to store your lenses; plasma treated lenses are typically stored dry while Hydra PEG coated lenses are stored wet.

If you are inserting and/or removing your lenses over the sink, make sure you use a soft towel or a rubber catch mat to prevent breaking or loss from dropping your lenses.

High magnification mirrors can be helpful, especially if you are low vision or if you're still learning insertion and removal technique.