Special circumstances

Shopping for someone else?

Please contact us if we can be helpful to you on someone else's behalf, for example:

  • Are you a caregiver for someone with dry eye disease, and wondering how to figure out what to get for them?
  • Do you have a loved one with dry eye who is in residential care, and need advice about the most appropriate items to purchase for them?

Cash constrained?

The out of pocket costs borne by dry eye patients tend to be quite high. Many treatments are not covered by insurance. Costs for over-the-counter lubricant drops, gels, ointments, lid hygiene products, etc. mount quickly. This is a particular hardship for those who are low income, on fixed incomes (including social security disability), or unemployed. 

We often have "freebies" available (browse our list and call for specifics, as we often have additional items that are not listed).

  • items that have been donated (new or, in case of durable goods, sometimes gently used)
  • items that can't be sold because the outer packaging was damaged in transit
  • items that customers purchased specifically for us to give away

We can sometimes either directly cover a need ourselves, or find an anonymous sponsor amongst our customers. We have a generous community, so if there is a need, please don't hesitate to speak up.

Last, we can sometimes help with advice on where to purchase as cheaply as possible. Please Don't hesitate to speak up if we can help in any way!