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7Eye Airshield Viento

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    About 7eye AirShield Viento

    • Fits small - medium faces (smallest frame)
    • Removable foam eye cup
    • 100% UVA/UVB protection
    • Rx ready
    • Available with clear or tinted lenses

    Description (Rebecca's)

    7Eye AirShields, also known as Panoptx, are a longtime staple of the severe dry eye world to control symptoms, keep comfortable and maintain an active lifestyle. 

    The claim-to-fame of AirShield frames is the removable deep foam eye cup, which fills the gap between the frame and your face. 

    The shield has a threefold benefit for people with dry eye: 

    1. Keeping out wind, drafts and dust/particles.
    2. Raising humidity in the space around the eyes.
    3. Blocking peripheral light (useful for people who have severe light sensitivity).

    Outdoors, AirShields are invaluable for keeping comfortable, whether your issue is wind sensitivity, light sensitivity or both. The right well-fitting sealed eyewear can make all the difference to being able to continue doing the things you love to do.

    Indoors, many people with severe symptoms also use AirShields (or, if not, then Ziena Eyewear, incidentally made by the same company) for the humidity factor, especially for computer use.

    What's different about Viento

    First, it's the smallest in the series, making it a popular framestyle for women (along with the roomier Briza). Second, unlike some of the other frames in this series, it does not have the bendable arms. 

    Alternative products to consider

    WileyX Climate Control series follows the same concept of a removable foam seal. Their foam eye cups are differently constructed, and for some frames they have two different thicknesses available for the gasket. The smallest WileyX frame is the AirRage.

    Description (Manufacturer's)


    • Fits Small - Medium Faces (smallest frame)
    • AirShield® Wind Blocking Foam Eyecup 
    • Straight Back Temples
    • 100% UVA+UVB Sun Protection
    • Shatter Resistant Lense

    Frame Size

    Fits Small to Medium

    To find the right size and fit, it is important to consider the curvature of your eyebrow bone & cheek bone. The various facial anatomies are the main factors to be considered on how the eyecup will work to offer a complete seal around the orbit of your eyes. Traditional sizing or fitting of a fashion frame does not necessarily pertain.

    In the box

    • Zippered Hard Case w/ 7eye Emblem
    • Microfiber Soft Case/Cloth
    • Sunglasses Retainer
    • 7eye Decal

    Cleaning and Care

    Please refer to 7Eye's Cleaning and Care Guide for Airshield frames.  

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