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CLEAR CARE PLUS with HydraGlyde

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    About CLEAR CARE® PLUS 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution

    • Hydrogen peroxide disinfection system (used overnight)
    • Preservative free
    • Contains additives that regular Clear Care does not have
    • Requires special case (included), but PROSE devices and larger scleral lenses require the use of a PROSE disinfection case instead (sold separately)
    • Choice of twin pack (two 12oz / 355 mL bottles), or travel size (3oz / 89 mL)
    • All kits include case and platinum disc (neutralizing agent) 

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Regular or Plus?

    As far as I'm concerned, regular Clear Care (not Clear Care Plus) is still the gold standard for overnight disinfection of PROSE and scleral lenses. That was always our rule of thing. And it is certainly still the case that an awful lot of our Facebook group members and/or doctors do not get along with Clear Care Plus. Because of this, for years I did not add Clear Care Plus to the shop as I was afraid people would buy it by accident and be unhappy with it.

    HOWEVER, much time has passed and I've woken up to the fact that a lot of doctors recommend the Plus *and* a lot of scleral lens users seem happy with it too, therefore, it can't simply be bad :)

    So is it a Coke vs Pepsi thing?

    Maybe. I'm not sure. And why not? Because nobody STUDIES these things. I really have a bone to pick with the industry about this, in fact, and if any doctors or patients of doctors who do a lot of research happen to read this, I hope they will take it to heart. Solutions are the make-it-or-break-it factors of scleral lenses, once we've learned insertion and removal. Solutions make all the difference in the world to successful scleral lens wear. We should have DATA to make decisions from. Would someone please figure out already which of these solutions is best, or if there is no best, surely there is a pattern to why it works better or some than others? [/rant]

    Anyway, back to the basics of hydrogen peroxide disinfection:

    Using hydrogen peroxide disinfection involves soaking the lenses for a specified number of hours overnight in a special case filled with hydrogen peroxide solution and containing a "platinum disc" that neutralizes the saline. This disc can only be used a certain number of times, and should be replaced every two months. These discs are NOT sold separately; the only way to get them is to purchase a CLEAR CARE or CLEAR CARE PLUS kit or similar.

    CAUTION: Lens size matters. 

    The case included with standard CLEAR CARE kits cannot be used with PROSE devices and cannot be used safely with large scleral lenses either. Users with lenses too large for the CLEAR CARE case should purchase the PROSE Disinfection Case. We recommend the PROSE case for all lenses above 15mm. There is an option to purchase CLEAR CARE together with a PROSE case (see drop-down list) but you can also purchase the PROSE cases separately.

    What about generic brands?

    The only serious issue I know of when considering a generic is potential differences in performance of the neutralizing disc. Some data published in optometric periodicals suggests that the disc does not last through as many uses, which may explain why we've had reports in the user groups online about lens discomfort when using a generic.

    How much will I use?

    For the standard case included in this kit (suitable for smaller lenses), it takes about 1/2 oz (15 mL) to fill it up to the fill line. However, if you use the PROSE Disinfection Case for larger lenses, it takes closer 1.5oz (44 mL) of solution to fill it up to the line. It'll go fast.

    On a budget? 

    Those who use the PROSE case will note that because it is far larger than the CLEAR CARE case, they use up the hydrogen peroxide solution very quickly and have to replace their CLEAR CARE kit frequently. Here is a budget-friendly tip, but always subject to your doctor's approval! - When the CLEAR CARE (or PLUS, depending on your pref) runs out, but the disc still has plenty of time on it (remember, 2 months is the limit), substitute hydrogen peroxide 3% (big brown bottles from the drugstore) until it is time to replace the disc, at which time you can purchase a new CLEAR CARE kit. Note that neither regular CLEAR CARE nor the PLUS version is the same as 3% hydrogen peroxide (it contains a cleaning agent, among other things), so it will not do exactly the same job, and for this and the other reasons I've mentioned, you must clear it with your doctor before making this substitution.

    Cleaning vs. Disinfection

    Disinfecting your lenses is essential for all lens users. Rub cleaning is NOT a substitute for overnight disinfection, and vice versa! These are distinct steps. For more information on your scleral lens care regimen, please look for our Scleral Lens User Guide in the menu.

    Alternatives to consider

    The only hydrogen peroxide based alternatives in the US as of this writing (April 2019) are Clear Care, Clear Care Plus, and drugstore generics.

    Alternative disinfection methods for scleral lenses include multipurpose solutions such as Unique pH and Boston Simplus.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    The CLEAR CARE® PLUS Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (CLEAR CARE®
    PLUS) system consists of: CLEAR CARE® PLUS and the special CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens case (the lens case). The lens case consists of a transparent cup (the cup) and a connected unit of screw cap, lens holders (baskets) and the neutralizer catalyst disc attached at the bottom. CLEAR CARE® PLUS and the special lens case must always be used together.

    The preservative free, aqueous CLEAR CARE® PLUS contains: hydrogen peroxide 3%, phosphonic acid (stabilizer), sodium chloride (0.79%), phosphate (buffer system), PLURONIC® 17R4 (a cleaning agent), and HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix (EOBO-21– polyoxyethylene-
    polyoxybutylene, especially for silicone hydrogel soft lenses). 



    Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

    Directions for use

    1. Remove and place each lens into the appropriately marked L/R domed lens holder, and thoroughly rinse with CLEAR CARE® PLUS for 5 seconds.

    • Open the lens holder marked “L”. Remove your left lens and place it on the dome. Close the lens holder taking care to avoid damaging your lens.
    • Repeat the procedure with your right lens by placing it on the dome of the lens holder marked “R”.
    • Open the snap cap (flip top cap) on the bottle of CLEAR CARE® PLUS and bend it back and out of the way.
    • Taking care not to splash yourself, thoroughly rinse the lenses in the lens holders with CLEAR CARE® PLUS for 5 seconds.

    2. Fill the CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens cup to the fill line with CLEAR CARE®PLUS and place the lens holder in the lens cup. DO NOT UNDERFILL OR OVERFILL.

    3. Tighten the cap (finger tight) on the CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens cup and store lenses for at least 6 hours. DO NOT SHAKE THE LENS CASE. 

    • Store the CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens case upright.
    • If bubbles leak from the hole in the top of the lens case cap, non-neutralized CLEAR CARE® PLUS may be present. Empty the solution from the lens case and thoroughly rinse the lens cup and lens holder with sterile saline or fresh CLEAR CARE® PLUS. Clean up any spillage with a paper towel. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses or touching your eyes. REPEAT THE DISINFECTION PROCEDURE ABOVE.
    • Allow lenses to soak for at least 6 hours to neutralize solution.

    4. After washing, rinsing and drying your hands, remove your lenses from lens holder. If desired or recommended by your eye care professional, rinse lenses before insertion with sterile saline. Your lenses are now ready to wear.

    5. Discard used solution. Rinse the CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens cup and lens holder with sterile saline or fresh CLEAR CARE® PLUS - DO NOT USE TAP WATER OR NON-STERILE WATER. Allow the lens holder and cup to air dry. Store the lens holder cap side down, to avoid the potential for contamination.

    STORAGE: If you do not intend to wear your lenses immediately after disinfection/neutralization, you may store them in the neutralized CLEAR CARE® PLUS, in the unopened CLEAR CARE® PLUS lens case for up to 7 days. After this time, your lenses must be cleaned and disinfected with CLEAR CARE® PLUS prior to wear.



    It is essential to follow your eye care professional’s directions and all labeling
    instructions for proper use and care of your lenses and lens care products,
    including the lens case.
    The red snap cap and dropper tip means that this product is NOT FOR
    YOUR EYE OR USE TO RINSE LENSES. Lenses must be soaked in the
    provided lens case for at least 6 hours (neutralization process) prior to
    Should non-neutralized CLEAR CARE® PLUS solution get in your eye, remove
    your lenses immediately, flush (wash) your eyes with a large amount of
    water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation persist,
    seek assistance from an eye care professional.
    Use only fresh solution to clean and disinfect contact lenses on every
    cleaning occasion.
    Only use the provided lens case with
    CLEAR CARE® PLUS for disinfection and neutralization.
    NEVER clean or rinse your contact lenses in your hands with CLEAR CARE® PLUS.
    A mild, temporary skin discoloration (bleaching) of the
    fingers or hands may result from contact with non-neutralized solution.
    Always wash and rinse your hands after exposure.
    For more information regarding this product consult your eye care professional, or write to:
    Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
    6201 South Freeway
    Fort Worth, Texas 76134
    Call us at 1-800-757-9195
    †PLURONIC is a trademark of BASF.
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