ThermoEyes Instant

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About Thermoeyes Instant

  • Self-heating
  • Made with non-toxic, food-grade sodium acetate
  • Designed for use with Tranquileyes moisture goggle (not included)
  • Good for apprx. 100 uses, 15 minutes per use
  • Choose from Standard size (includes 2 pairs plus Thermopads) or XL size (includes 1 pair plus Thermopads)
  • Please make sure to select the right size for your Tranquileyes goggle

Description (by Rebecca)

Using Thermoeyes inserts with Tranquileyes goggles makes for pretty much the comfiest, most luxurious way to do a warm or cold compress... and more so if you use the XL size. There are many ways to do warm compresses. This one's not cheap, but it's very nice. 

There are two types of Thermoeyes: Instant, and beads. Instant are like hand warmers. You snap the little metal disc thiny until it starts fizzing and heats up on its own. After it cools down, it hardens. Then you boil it to 'reset' it. Thermoeyes Beads, on the other hand, are not self-heating - you put them in hot water.

Suggested best uses of Thermoeyes Instant inserts:

  • No microwave access: Thermoeyes Instant are self-heating so you don't need a heat source. Useful if you don't have or prefer not to use a microwave; useful when away from home.
  • Heat safety: With Thermoeyes Instant you don't have to worry about accidentally getting them to hot and burning your lids, as the maximum temperature is pre-determined.
  • Facial rosacea or heat sensitive skin: This size Thermoeyes in general (whether Instant or Bead type) are well suited to people with facial rosacea who need to do compresses, because it isolates the heat application to just the lids rather than a larger area around the eyes which could trigger skin reactions.


Hassle factor: Thermoeyes Instant have to be boiled after each use to 'reset' them (like handwarmers). I have quite a number of regular users who prefer this type though and what they do is accumulate enough sets to last about a week and then boil them all together.

Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

about the product:

For sufferers of dry eye, irritation, or puffiness, our thermoeyes™ Instants gel packs can offer immediate relief, using both heat and cold therapy.

Thermoeyes™ Instants can be reused up to 100 times, and offer comfortable, effective relief to dry eye and other conditions. Each use allows for 15-18 minute moist heat treatments, giving you unparalleled eye hydration. The instants can also be used for shorter cold therapy sessions, targeted at reducing irritation and puffiness.

included in the kit (standard size)

  • 2 sets of Thermoeyes™ Instants (4 gel packs)
  • 4 thermopads (white sponges)
included in the kit (XL size)
  • 1 set of Thermoeyes™ Instants (2 gel packs)
  • 2 thermopads (white sponges)

Usage and care

What are Thermoeyes Instant used for?

ThermoEyes Instant and Thermoeyes Beads inserts are used with Tranquileyes moisture goggles for moist heat or cold therapy. They are available in two different sizes - as are the goggles - standard, and XL.

Instructions for use

Using Thermoeyes™ Instants Pack:

To use, simply snap the metal disc in each gel pack until it turns solid and hot. Moisten white thermopads in warm water and place in goggles. Cover with gel packs. After using for moist heat, submerge the instants gel pack in a continuously boiling water for 2-3 minutes to reset. For cold treatments, place the gel pack in the freezer.

Warranty information

Eye Eco products are covered by a one year manufacturer warranty. See or contact us.

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