Aidan's photos from across the pond

When Aidan left for Europe we made him take a teardrop-shaped stress ball and promise to photograph it in every place he visited. (The stressball has its own history... namely, our company tradition of gently mocking the "gifts" one of our vendors includes in our orders every now and then. Names withheld to protect the, well, you know. Aidan thoughtfully ensured their logo was not visible in any of the photos.)

So first it was Istanbul:

Then Izmir, where he had spent his sophomore year of high school as an exchange student and was now visiting friends:

Then Stockholm, where he didn't need the stressball, having found a local extra-large replica:



Then Hamburg:


Then Ghent:

Aidan was last heard from while traveling by bus towards London, seeking solace for delays and customer service mishaps: 

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