Face moisturizer and dry, itchy eyes

The following story was shared recently by a customer. I asked for permission to share it as I thought others could find it helpful:


Hi Rebecca 

Personal story on something i stumbled into with my daily care routine.  I’ve worn contacts since I was a teenager (I’m now well into my 40’s), and have always struggled with random days of dry itchy eye (2-4 times per week).  I always assumed it was the dry heat pumping inside through the winter, or seasonal allergies, or whatever external thing I could think of.   I just went along and put up with it…

Well last year I switched from using commercial big box store brands of face moisturizers to a natural tallow base product from a small non corporate company.  Ever since the switch I do not have the discomfort I was previously experiencing.   In fact, at the end of the work day I sometimes blink just to feel the natural lubrication in my eye (as dorky as that might be).  

I guess just through the wear and tear of the day, moisturizer was getting into my eyes and causing irritation.  The natural stuff doesn't have the irritation effect.  

It’s amazing that the change from the mass produced product (supposed to be the best!)to a natural product, has had such a profound effect on my life… and it’s made me much more conscious of everything I put in and on my body.  

Just thought you might find the story interesting. 

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  • WOW!!! I quit using vaseline under my eyes, as it was clogging the tear ducts, but didn’t remember to change my moisturizer. THANK YOU for this very helpful info!!!!

    Dana on
  • I contacted the company that you most probably are referring to, but the facial moisturizers are all scented with real roses which I am terribly allergic to. Any suggestions??? Sandi

    Sandra L Heffner on
  • Hi, I’m the person who emailed Rebecca about the positive effects I experienced in switching to a natural moisturizer balm. I was previously using a rather expensive Nivea moisturizer/serum product that my wife had picked out for me. For personal reasons I had been looking to use more natural products in my grooming supply and I stumbled into this beef tallow/honey balm. This is the product I’ve been using. Hope it helps and good luck!

    Rob on
  • I do not understand your comment that “the natural stuff does have the irritation effect” in your second to last paragraph. Does it or doesn’t it help with the dry eye problem? I would love to try it. Please send the product name. Thanks so much, Sandi

    Sandra L Heffner on
  • What is the name of the moisturizer you switched to? I have wondered about the same thing and would love to try something that might work better.

    Joan Friedman on

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