It just didn't quite click.

January 11, 2019... Dry Eye Shop... Poulsbo, Washington...

Customer calls in. Asks if his bottles of Purilens came unsealed.

He opened one and noticed he didn't "hear a clicking noise which you usually hear opening a sealed bottle". He opens another... nothing. He only has one bottle left so he calls in.

I say, "Well,... that's a good question, I'm not too sure!" Being impatient waiting to get hold of Rebecca to ask her this question while she was working hard... I find a bottle! I open it! I hear nothing. I'm tempted to open another like our customer!

I go back and ask Rebecca "Does this top make a clicking noise?" She says, "Nope. It's sealed and the white ring keeps it from puncturing. If it wasn't, the box would be wet on arrival." (Me... duhhhhhh.) 

So I toss Rebecca the bottle saying OK thank you... now you have to use this within 14 days. Thank goodness she's a scleral lens user!

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