Scleral lens users, we're here for you :)

Are you a new scleral lens user?

There are an awful lot of new scleral lens users right now, many of whom are scrambling for information, tips, products, and people who understand!

As I'm sure you're finding, scleral lenses are completely different animals than any other kind of contact lens! If you're struggling, don't worry! It's a process, for sure, and you may find you have to do some research and some advocating to get through it, but you'll get there! And we're here to help.

Welcome, from an old scleral lens user!

My name is Rebecca. I've been wearing specialty contact lenses for more than 15 years. I wore a sort of mini-scleral (14.5mm) for a couple of years, then in 2006 I was fitted with 18.5mm PROSE devices at BostonSight and wore those successfully for many years, and I am currently wearing 18.5mm EyePrintPro lenses.

Soon after I started wearing PROSE, I also started stocking specialty supplies here at the DryEyeShop for fellow patients. (This was back in the old days before you could buy virtually anything on Amazon... the purpose of the shop was to gather a lot of obscure things in one place and wrap information around them to help people both find and understand them.) Selling those supplies has given me the opportunity to connect with, talk with, email with, chat with ever so many and scleral lens users around the world. It's great fun! But it also gives me insights into what all the key needs are for patients trying to get settled with an unusual type of medical device, and the extent to which a very young industry might not be fully equipped to support the patients yet.

We want to be part of your team!

Here at the DryEyeShop we're committed to supporting you in every way possible on your scleral lens journey! If there is something we can do for you that we aren't yet, please let us know what it is! And if we've 

Here are some of the things you can look to us for:

  • One-stop shopping for scleral lens supplies, from plungers to solutions to cases, emergency kits and so on
  • Detailed information about every possible product you may need for your lenses, to help you sort through the options
  • Recurring order service so you never run out of what you need
  • Real live customer service by phone 10 hours a day
  • Text, chat and email support too
  • Facebook support group
  • Non-Facebook support group
  • Instructive videos
  • Blog posts with practical tips 
  • Email list where you can choose your preferences and receive everything from tips and advice to new studies to new product alerts to coupons to videos
  • Staff who care and who understand!

Please let your doctor know about us

If you have found us helpful, we would be grateful if you would let your doctor know about us. If you'd like, you can also tell us your doctor's name and we will send them information and patient literature.

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