Solutions for the non-closing eyelid

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    “Thank you for now having the 1/2 inch paper tape available! Since you consult with folks I will share how I use it in case that would be helpful to someone else. I use it to tape down my eyebrows each night! Because I am petite even my face is child sized. So the goggles push up on my eyebrows and I was developing cowlicks on them such that the hair was kinked up each morning. They were getting hard to tame. Thus I started taping them flat each night. I was a girl in the 60’s and straight bangs were popular. We all used to have this special gentle pink hair tape that we used to tape down our bangs overnight. It was still available until just a few years ago. So I stocked up. Now I can’t find it. Thus the conversion to 1/2 medical paper tape which isn’t that easy to find. So ….thanks for stocking it.”

    Rebecca on

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