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A couple of questions to get out of the way:

Who? The Dry Eye Company is a privately owned small business based in Poulsbo, Washington, which seeks to improve the lives of individuals living with dry eye. Our blog is designed to represent the voices of the team of people who do their very best to make that happen.

Why? We never want what we do to seem like a secret; transparency is everything in a good service business. Our goal is to let you in on the stories that underpin everything we do, because we think that’s the best way to show how much care is put into meeting our customers’ needs. Plus, we genuinely have fun working to help you, and we wouldn’t mind sharing some of that enjoyment/craziness with you!

What? Expect behind-the-scenes peeks at daily life in the world of The Dry Eye Company, exciting news, chronicles of any big projects, semi-philosophical musings on the place of the lonely small business who only wants to serve amidst a world of ever-growing corporate giants…

And what else? Dry Eye Company founder and our fearless leader, Rebecca Petris, has crafted a much more detailed answer to the question of what TDEC is and how we operate, which you can peruse here. (It’s worth a read!) You’ll find descriptions of our other services, The Dry Eye Shop (a specialty online retail store), and The Dry Eye Zone (our education and community arm), along with profiles of our wonderful team members.

And now, on to the blogging!

- Espen & The Dry Eye Company Team

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