Today's Drama: Ointment hoarding amidst the Refresh PM & Lacri-Lube production hiatus.

"It's just not the same."


Refresh PM and LacriLube have been out of production since 2017.

Doctors don't know.

Patients are struggling for alternatives, and mostly without help, because the manufacturer (Allergan) has failed to communicate with the doctors.

This is so wrong. 

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  • I am getting scared. Every time I find a replacement night ointment that works for me, it seems to disappear. At the very least, the price rises to ridiculous heights. The ointment I originally used was Refresh PM. I see it is available at Amazon for over $200 a tube. There is no way I can pay that. A tube only lasts a couple of weeks. If i am unable to use an ointment at night, my corneas are likely to split again due to my Sjogren’s induced dry eye. That will lead to infection, scarring, extreme pain, and possibly blindness or further, deeper infections. I am very worried about this so called ‘shortage’. MY eyes don’t make any tears, so night time goggles don’t solve the problem.

    Danita Smead on
  • certainly by now someone has an equivalent [non prescription] coming in from abroad- spill the details so others can get-together or pool resources with dryeyeshop

    wm rhoda on
  • I had no help from my doctor, who clearly was unaware of the unavailability issue. I found VitA-Pos on my own, but it doesn’t work very well. Pharmacists seem a bit more clued up, but the dates they give for resumption of supply keep passing and still no LacriLube. No one seems to know what the issue is that is holding up production?

    Christine Moon on

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