Which moisture goggle will work with my CPAP mask?

Are you a CPAP user with dry eyes?

Or have a leaky CPAP mask that's blowing in your eyes?

If you have been looking at the dry eye night goggles by Eye Eco:

to protect your eyes at night, it can be difficult to try to guess which one (if any) is likely to be compatible with your CPAP mask. 

We are collecting user experiences to help! Please keep in mind that fit, tolerance and compatibility vary from person to person so you should expect some trial and error. We have a 30-day return policy.

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 CPAP What they tried, what's working Comments
Dreamwear full face small Tried: Sleep mask; Onyix/Quartz.
Works: Onyix/Quartz
Dreamwear Full Face Mask Medium

 Works: Eyeseals

Tried: Onyix/Quartz; could not use for reasons unrelated to CPAP.

Prefers Eyeseals but wishes it were silicone rather than thermal plastic and notes that it yellows, degrades and flattens over time (clear version).
Dreamwear nasal

Tried & didn't work well enough: Eyeseals

Works: Onyix/Quartz

Dreamwear small

Tried, didn't work well enough: Onyix/Quartz

Works: Tranquileyes



DreamWear small with small nasal cushion
Tried: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals, Tranquileyes

Didn't work: Onyix/Quartz and Eyeseals but for reasons unrelated to cPAP

Works: Tranquileyes

I wear the Tranquileyes upside down so that they can fit with my mask. The bridge of my nose is too small, and interferes with getting seal with the other masks. I'd love to wear the Onyx, but even with using string to make a different bridge, I couldn't get a decent seal I also keep the moisture pad in the goggles for my left eye which doesn't close properly and keep it out of the right eye. I read that you don't want to put pressure on a keratoconus eye, hence the right eye not having a moisture pad
DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

Works but not well enough: Onyix/Quartz

Works: Eyeseals

Unquestionably EyeSeals 4.0 Clear

I also need a gel for over night like GenTeal Tears Lubricant Eye GEL


Dreamware full face
Would not work with CPAP: Eyeseals

Tried surgical shields and sleep mask.

What works best: self adhesive eye patch

Resmed AirSense 10 Elite with DreamWear Nasal Mask w/ under Nose Cushion
Works: Tranquileyes  I put my hair in top knot/pony tail, put goggles on & place them on forehead and pull back part of mask over pony tail - this way it won't slip forwar. I work face mask over goggles and put nose cushion in place. Air attachment sits in front of pony tail but falls to the back when I attach air hose & lie down. I pull goggles over my eyes and go to sleep.
Amara View small

Tried: Tape, mask, Tranquileyes
Works... sort of: Tranquileyes - fits but not working well enough.

I would realy like to find a cpap mask that covers the mouth and goes directly in the nostrals. I think that would solve my problem of air leaking in the eyes. I have only found one that does both but it wasn t available in my size here
Amara Small

Works but not well enough: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals

Doesn't work with CPAP: Tranquileyes


So far prefers Eyeseals

I am going to see a dermatologist for a spot on my forehead that does not heal and I think is related to my eye shields. I will email you with the results after I see the doctor. I have to use make up rounds (3 on each side to eliminate air affecting my eyes.

Amara View medium

 Tried: Quartz/Onyix, Eyeseals

Didn't work: Eyeseals wouldn't fit with mask

Works: Onyix/Quartz

Resmed Airfit 10

Tried & works: Tranquileyes

Resmed Airfit 10

Tried & works: Tranquileyesed 

ResMed AirFit P10 XS
Works but not well enough: Onyix/Quartz  Since I have corneal erosions, a combination of ointment and a little lid pressure seems to work most of the time
Resmed airFit f20 Airtouch f20--small
Has not tried any of the Eye Eco goggles; has tried sleep mask. "nothing really works that well--using drops during the nite"
Resmed airfit f30
Works: Onyix/Quartz
Resmed AirSense 20 AirFit N20 Nasalfit mask
Works: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals Prefers Eyeseals, "Works well."
Resmed Mirage Medium

Tried: Mask, surgical shield, Tranquileyes, Onyix/Quartz
Didn't work with CPAP: Tranquileyes
Didn't work for other reasons: Onyix/Quartz

Using more gel instead.

The tighter masks I’ve tried put too much pressure on my eyes and the looser ones don’t fit with the cpap.
Resmed F10 nasal pillow small

Tried: Eyeseals, Tranquileyes
Works: Eyeseals, Tranquileyes, but prefers Tranquileyes.

RESMED Airfit P10

 Did not work with CPAP: Tranquileyes

Did not work for unrelated reasons: Onyix/Quartz

Works: Eyeseals

Eyeseals 4.0 though I HATE the satin headband, too slippery on my hair
ResMed Nasal Pillows - P10

Tried & works: Tranquileyes

Tranquileyes - use with OUT the moisture pads
ResMed F20 large foam mask

 Tried, didn't work: Tranquileyes

Tried, works: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals

I alternate silicone shield [onyix/quartz], eye shield [eyeseals], Dream Essentials sleep mask.

The silicone shield leaves "goggle eyes" in the morning; The eye shield is large but the foam ResMed F20 mask seals around it. The siliconer ResMed masks do not seal as well against the eye shield. The sleep masks put enough pressure on my to keep my lids closed. Note the shape you see on the Dream Essentials website is not the shape of the mask they send you. I altered mine to enlarge the nose cutout. The above combined with Xiidra eye drops and the Bruder Eye Hydrating Mask have solved my dry eye problems.

Resmed Swift Fx

Works: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals


Prefers Eyeseals
Resmed swift FX for Her nasal pillows small

Tried & works: Onyix/Quartz

Quartz silicone shield works but does get tangled in mask straps
ResMed Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillow Small
Tried & works: Onyix/Quartz
I have also tried onion goggles (o.k.) swim goggles (too tight)
ResMed Fullface Quattro

Tried: Onyix/Quartz, Tranquileyes

Didn't work with mask: Onyix/Quartz

Works: Tranquileyes

The Tranquileyes mask has to go under the Quattro mask which is a bit of an issue as then I can't see
ResMed Quattro Air Works: Onyix/Quartz When I go to sleep, I use a nighttime ointment, the quartz silicone shield (I have a small face and I can adjust it), and then place the full face CPAP mask on. Works great!
Resmed Airsense 10

 Tried & works: Tranquileyes


Works: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals

Tried: Tranquileyes; didn't work for reasons unrelated to CPAP.

Prefers Eyeseals. 
"straps on both onyix & tranquileyes far too loose - do not remain taut"
Resmed Mirage FX for Her nasal mask medium
Works: Onyix/Quartz
Mirage Quattro for her full face mask small
Tried: Tranquileyes, didn't work (reasons unrelated to CPAP) Hasn't found solution yet.
Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask - Medium

Tried: Onyix/Quartz, Eyeseals, Tranquileyes

Works partially: Eyeseals - couldn't use for reasons unrelated to CPAP. Tranquileyes doesn't work well enough.

Works: Onyix/Quartz

I go between the Tranquileyes and the EyeSeals anymore. 
Durability of the attachment areas of the masks are always an issue. Especially with the silicone ones, they eventually seem to tear and then the whole item must be replaced.
Fisher/Paykel full face mask

Tried: Tranquileyes, Onyix/Quartz

Fits: Onyix/Quartz, but didn't work well enough

Works: Tranquileyes

Fisher/Paykel Eson 2 Tried: Onyix/Quartz. Didn't work (unrelated to CPAP).
None. The onyx shield is too big. I wish the nose piece was adjustable.
Fisher Paykel Eson medium
Tried & works: Onyix/Quartz
I have only used the Quartz silicon shield.
Simplus Medium
Tried & works: Onyix/Quartz
Respironics Minimal Air Pressure Msk
Tried: Eyeseals. Fits, doesn't work well enough.
The air from my Bipap drives me crazy. I wish the Eco 4.0 worked better. I am going to be trying a new one as mine tore, flattened out, slipped, stretched.
Aircurve 10 Tried & works: Tranquileyes My tranquileyes worked better before the mask which doesn't allow them to lay completely flat against my eyes. 
The Tranquileyes have helped my dry eyes the best in terms of my opthamologist and my corneal dryness. I believe the goggles have helped the most along with liquid fish oil, restasis
DreamStation for nasal pillow small.

Tried, didn't work with CPAP: Tranquileyes

Works: Eyeseals

Uses with ointment.
Nuance Pro nasal pillow Works: Eyeseals
Eyeseals also work fine w Airfit p10 Nasal pillows but not w Nasal mask’s, even the whisp nasal masks, even the Wisp.
BiPap Respironics with Whisper Mask Nasal Pillow extra small
Works but not well enough: Eyeseals


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