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DMV Luma-Serter Plus

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    About the Luma-Serter Plus

    • For use with scleral, soft, hybrid or GP lenses
    • Designed for insertion of contact lenses 13mm and larger
    • Can be placed on finger tip for one-finger insertion
    • Can be placed on penlight (sold separately) to help guide lens placement
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    Description (by Rebecca)

    This is an excellent product that has a couple of different potential uses for scleral lens users. 

    Lighted insertion: You can place Luma-Serter Plus over the end of a penlight (we sell a simple disposable penlight) for light-guided insertion. The head is angled and the plunger is green, so there's just a pale green light shining through the hole. To insert it, you'd either be using one or two hands. You can use one hand both to guide it and to hold the clip that keeps the light on, though personally I found that awkward... but then I have never liked any of the long skinny applicator tool prototypes that I've ever seen, yet I know there are other people they work well for. The second option would be holding the clip with one hand and gripping the penlight with the other hand closer to the inserter end, which also improves stability. 

    Finger insertion: You can also place Luma-Serter Plus over the end of your finger. Only, you'd better have skinnier fingers than me - I can only get it on my pinky comfortably! However, there are a lot of special insertion needs that arise where conventional insertion techniques just aren't working (broken wrist? broken finger? don't have, or don't have full use of the right digits to grip a conventional plunger?) and I know this will fit a few of these specialized needs so I just want to mention some possibilities. As always, please let me know if you come up with a new use of one of these specialized products so I can pass along the tip!

    LENS SIZE CAUTION: This product may not work equally well for all scleral lens types. Some of us with the largest diameter lenses really do require some suction on the lens for the sake of stability - so that the saline doesn't spill out, or worse yet the lens drop. I can't tell you a maximum diameter because it really is rather user dependent. Best rule of thumb that I can think of is that if you are comfortable using a DMV Vented Scleral Cup (the suctionless inserter), or a DMV Versa which is even closer (same ribbed head though not angled) it's more likely you can use this. 

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    Intended use

    DMV Luma-Serter Plus is designed for inserting contact lenses of 13mm and larger. It can be used for Scleral, Soft, Hybrid or GP contact lenses.

    Do not use the Luma-Serter Plus with contact lenses smaller than 12.5mm, to avoid accidentally touching the surface of the eye with the device.

    Instructions for use

    CAUTION: Before using for the first time, clean the Luma-Serter Plus with alcohol and allow it to air dry.

    Put the Luma-Serter Plus on the lighted end of a penlight. Place the contact lens on the center of the angled cup. Follow the lens preparation instructions provided by your eye care practitioner. 

    Turn on the penlight and gently move the lens toward the open eye by using the illuminated center of the cup as a guide. Hold the eye lids open with the other hand and place the lens on the cornea.

    Once the lens has adhered to the eye, withdraw the Luma-Serter Plus. The light filter prevents contact lens solutions from passing through to the penlight. 

    The device is contoured to fit the end of most penlights.

    If patients prefer, they may choose to place the device on the end of a finger instead of a penlight. 

    The ribs in the cup are designed to provide further guidance and an elevated surface for the lens to rest on. The ribs will also prevent the lens from sticking to the Luma-Serter Plus.

    If you apply the device to the surface of the eye, merely withdraw it from the eye, as there is no suction. Avoid sliding the device over the surface of the eye.


    Each time after using the Luma-Serter Plus, clean it with alcohol and allow it to air dry. Plan on replacing it after six months' use.

    CAUTION: Please keep this product away from liquids such as hand cream, hair gels and nail polish remover.

    CAUTION: Keep this and all other medical devices away from small children. This product is not recommended to be used with diseased or injured eyes.

    CAUTION: Though there is no evidence of allergy issues with this product, it does contain dry natural rubber. It does not contain liquid latex, a known allergan.

    See your eyecare practitioner yearly.

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    Fantastic product, a game changer.

    This product has helped me so much with the insertion of my Prose lens. I was using the see green system, but I couldn’t get my head parallel to the table & still see the green light. I had a lot of air bubbles. With the luma serter it is easier for me to get my head in the right position and insert the lens using a magnifying mirror below my head on the table. I went from insertion being a huge hassle to being pretty consistently no problem. I use a battery operated penlight with the insertion tool.

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